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3 Ways to Grow Your Service Business with Zuper and HubSpot

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This is a guest blog from HubSpot. HubSpot offers businesses a comprehensive suite of marketing, sales, and customer service software tools designed to help them attract, engage, and delight customers.

Service companies face tough challenges every day. Requests might go astray. Inefficient scheduling and route planning can waste resources and delay service. Communication between the field and home base gets cumbersome and can lead to delays. Plus, there are dozens of environmental situations that might throw the whole day off course.

These challenges frustrate customers and employees alike. They lead to inefficient, costly processes and poor customer experiences.

The fact of the matter is – customer-focused companies are 60% more profitable. And today, service businesses are tackling rising customer expectations with smarter tech. They’re implementing tools like the Zuper app for HubSpot to improve field service operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, and deliver a superior customer experience.

How service businesses are benefiting from connected field service and operations systems

By tying field service management directly to comprehensive sales, marketing, and customer service tools, service businesses are improving delivery, tracking customer needs in real-time, and collecting customer data in every interaction. This up-to-the-moment, integrated approach results in a better customer experience and drives internal alignment among team members, including:

  • Business owners
  • Executive leadership, especially COOs, CTOs, or IT systems leaders
  • Service executives or field service executives
  • Operations managers
  • Service schedulers and dispatchers
  • Field technicians
  • Sales and marketing teams
  • Human resources and accounting teams

Why align field service teams more closely with sales, customer service, and marketing?

With a seamless connection between go-to-market teams and field service technicians, you can augment each team’s ability to do their work, while eliminating duplicate tasks and speeding up resolution times.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why residential and commercial field service businesses are integrating their systems and customer management processes:

  • Dispatching field service technicians is quick. Once they’re on the road, they can work more efficiently on mobile, accessing and updating schedules and customer data in real time from anywhere.
  • Without the distraction of context-switching or manually entering data, technicians can focus on solving problems, building customer relationships, converting deals and completing service requests.
  • By managing and allocating service resources more strategically, techs can improve ETA accuracy.
  • HR and accounting have real-time access to service call information for invoicing and to technician timesheets for payroll.
  • Leadership teams can access comprehensive reporting to make better-informed decisions that guide business planning.
  • Customers can enjoy faster response times and a better overall experience.

3 ways to use the Zuper app for HubSpot to improve the customer and employee experience

Here are three ways companies are using the Zuper app with HubSpot CRM to transform the field service customer experience and grow their business.

#1. Immediately schedule jobs and dispatch the right technicians

Schedule jobs according to urgency and dispatch service technicians according to their skills, location, and availability. HubSpot on mobile shows the Zuper widget right on the ticket screen, so technicians can convert deals and service requests to work orders in the field, all from one place. 

Improving the dispatch process allows for more effective resource allocation and reduced downtime. Field service teams can take on more jobs per day and have more informed conversations while on-site using in-app customer information, enabling your company to grow faster.

#2. Plan service routes and control inventory more efficiently

Location tracking helps  optimize route planning, even in unfamiliar new areas as your company grows — saving your company money on gas and vehicle wear from unnecessary driving. With Zuper’s mobile app, both field techs and managers can see the same information in real time for tracking inventory and updating customer requests.  Increasing ETA accuracy saves time and makes for a better customer experience.

#3. Accelerate service business growth

Use drag-and-drop scheduling to make customized technician assignments quickly and easily, like Zuper customer Sail Internet. With two-way data sync from the Zuper app for HubSpot, their field teams can access customer records and update information, including uploading job photos, customer signatures, and feedback. Back in the office, managers use the dashboard to track overall field service operations.

With the combined power of Zuper and HubSpot, Sail Internet is scaling up with confidence.

“We were drowning in paperwork and had no way to effectively track job progress or performance data,” said George Ginis, CTO of Sail Internet. “Implementing the Zuper field service management software was our only hope of scaling our business.”

Update your field service workflows with smarter tech

Zuper is a featured app in HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Customer Service, a collection of tools that work well together and with Service Hub to help improve the customer experience.

Install the Zuper app for HubSpot to create a more efficient, effective, and satisfying environment for your field service teams — while giving customers the kind of excellent experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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