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The Field Service Management App that Maximizes Employee Productivity

Make the life of your field technicians easy with job details, schedules, and checklists. The seamless connection with sales, service, and management will help your field service teams deliver exceptional customer service from start to finish.
Field Service Management App

Boost the Efficiency of Your Field Service Operations

Your field service teams don't have to keep waiting for their back-office counterparts to get back with the right information to get a job done. How do you go about empowering your field service teams to access all pertinent job details, service history, and customer data at a glance? The answer is our intuitive and fully-functional field service app for iOS and Android users.
Allow your technicians to punch in and punch out and update timesheets using their mobile app
Enable real-time chat feature with job status updates and send automated notifications for any job
View job histories, activity notes, checklists, labor time, and materials or equipment assigned to each job to prevent service delays
Ensure a comprehensive view of jobs pending, in-progress, and completed for effective job management
Job Status
Real-Time Communication

Increase Employee and Customer Satisfaction with Real-Time Communication

Avoid scheduling overlaps and miscommunications between your customers and field technicians with improved field service operations. Enhance the booking experience and enable real-time monitoring of technician location and job status updates.
Simplify the process of creating on-the-spot quotes, sending them to the customers, and converting them into contracts and invoices for faster service lifecycles
Automate paperwork, define customer preferences, and allow digital payments with ease
Capture customer sentiment to get real-time feedback and payment details to close sales in the field
Ensure job quality and safety by providing your technicians with compliance protocols, completion items, service checklists, and before and after photo captures through the app
Allow your customers to find or reschedule any service request easily through the app and get in-app notifications or alerts

Provide Users with an Intuitive and User-Friendly Experience

Zuper offers a simplified and highly intuitive app experience to help you manage your field service operations on the run. Zuper allows field service businesses to share a ready-to-use mobile application with their users to keep everyone in the loop without the worry of developing and deploying the app.
Let your technicians log in to the app with a single sign-on via Google or Microsoft
Provide a map view or list view of jobs with complete turn-by-turn directions using GPS tracking
Get facial authentication from your field technicians to offer complete peace of mind for your customers
Manage features like automated time logging, job creation, estimate and invoice sharing, etc
In-app category classification and capability to accept or reject a job with a single touch
User Friendly Mobile App

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Frequently asked questions

What Other Apps Does Your Field Service App Integrate with?

Zuper's field service management app integrates seamlessly with a slew of third-party applications ranging from HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub to Zoho suite of products, Zendesk, and Slack. Our marketplace offers 60+ ready-to-use integrations that FSM businesses can use to connect with their existing software stack.

How Does Your Field Service App’s Geofencing Work for Staff in the Field?

Geo fencing is a feature in our field service app that allows staff in the field to receive push notifications when they enter or exit a designated location. The app uses GPS to track the location of each field worker, and then compares it with the geofence coordinates of the customer's location which is ideally captured when a job request is created.

How Can We Track Mobile Timesheets for Field Service Technicians?

The field service mobile app is a great way to keep track and manage your team's time while they are on the go. With an easy check-in/out feature, your technicians can log actual hours spent at work with the mobile app.

Does Your Field Service Management App Manage Mobile Timesheets?

Yes, Zuper's timesheet management app helps capture the working hours of field service technicians accurately. All they need to do is "Check In" to the mobile app at the beginning of their shift and "Check Out" at the end of their shift. When technicians mark themselves as "Take a Break", their break time is captured as well. Zuper's mobile app for Android or iPhone can be used by anyone to streamline their day-to-day timesheet management process and leave them feeling more organized than ever!

What Can Your Timesheet Management App Do for Us?

A timesheet management app helps track the time your field service teams spent on tasks accurately. It facilitates accurate forecasts and invoicing while enabling managers to identify common service delays and refine processes from the mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Why Is Your Field Service Management App Best for Service Teams?

The field service management app is a revolutionary way to streamline the field service experience of your company. With it, you can manage jobs, route technicians, schedule appointments, and raise quotes and invoices from anywhere at any time.