Location Intelligence

Real-Time Location Tracking for Improved Response Times

Leverage the power of real-time location intelligence for efficient dispatching, smart customer notifications, automated workflows, and more. Accurately track time, technician location, and mileage to improve the productivity and utilization of your team.
real time location tracking

Ensure Your Field Teams Are Exactly Where They Are Meant to Be

Zuper gives you real-time visibility into team movements, so you'll never lose sight of them again. Track employee locations, mileage, time spent, and labor costs at specific job sites, and receive and send custom alerts and notifications to your customers. And, best of all, you can configure business hours to protect the privacy of your field workforce.
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Track the Real-Time Location of Your Field Workforce

With Zuper's location tracking app, service businesses can perform live tracking and enjoy the benefits of geo-tagging, geo-fencing, and route optimization. What's more, you can check something so quintessential as the battery levels of your field service technicians to anticipate and prevent communication issues.
Enhanced dispatching and access to real-time location data
Check hours in real-time and know they're accurate
Provide technicians with customer addresses and location-specific information like key landmarks
No more surprise check-ins with accurate ETA alerts
Geo fencing

Allow Geo-Fencing Enforced Workflows

Geo-fencing enforced workflows and GPS-based routing make tracking employees' time spent on the job and location easy. Once your field teams enter the geo-fence, Zuper will trigger an automated ETA alert message to keep your customers informed and up-to-date.
Create unlimited, customized fenced areas for different shifts, jobs, and areas to clock in and clock out from
Keep visual track of employee attendance, customers, assets, and work orders on maps
Stop time theft, buddy punching, and absences with ease
Create custom geofenced tags and approve service requests on the go

Increase Oversight and Improve Technician's Accountability

Get a complete view of your field agents' location and mileage history. Quick access to distance covered, accurate ETA, and location timeline enhance productivity, coordination, and transparency.
Use location visualization to identify potential delays and postponements beforehand
Get real-time alerts for every field agent's location through integrated maps
Correlate time spent on the job and mileage with service outcomes to find gaps and improve efficiencies
Receive alerts if the service vehicle deviates from the expected route or service zones and operates outside usual business hours
Avoid customer disputes by capturing the truth of every agent's timeline, route, and accurate distance traveled
technician's accountability

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if my employee turns off location services while they’re clocked in?

We can get their last clocked in location on the map by clicking "View History." This will show a clip of the user's locations for the day with the time when they were clocked in.

Does GPS track employee locations while employees are off the clock or on a break?

We can track the employee's location within working hours. When an employee is on break, their location will not be tracked. Also, if a business configures working hours, the employee's location will be tracked only during that particular time frame.

What are 3 key benefits of location tracking?

It reduces operational costs, increases productivity, and improves customer experience. With live location tracking, it is easy to dispatch a technician who is near the customer's location. Also customers and employers can track their technician's location in real time.

Can you track location on Android and iPhone?

Yes we can track the location of field workforce on a field service management app for Android and iPhone.

What is the purpose of location tracking?

The location tracking feature allows FSM businesses to locate their technicians and assign work orders closer to their current location. It also allows employers to assign the job to a field service agent quickly and effectively route them to the next service location reducing the travel time and preventing costly service delays.

Who all can use location intelligence solutions?

The location intelligence feature can be used by field service employers and their customers to track the live location of field technicians. Back office staff can track a technician's location and schedule work orders based on their current location. Once the technician crosses the geo-fence, customers will receive an automated ETA alert.