Improve Customer Satisfaction and Revenue with Electrical Contractor Software

Automate key tasks associated with running an electrical contracting business like invoicing, scheduling, and tracking job progress. Manage the performance of all electricians and improve the productivity of your back-office team and field service teams.

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Zuper has helped us take our business to the next level. The customized workflows have given us greater efficiency and reporting provides insights into our operations and allows us to make more informed decisions.

Myles Oswald

CFO, Pro-Vigil

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Ensure Timely and Efficient Delivery of Electrical Services

Zuper's electrical business software can streamline work order management, automate scheduling and dispatching, ensure the accuracy of invoices and estimates, speed up payment collection, and play well with existing third-party software.

Get Organized with Automated Work Order Management

Avoid lost or misplaced work orders by creating and tracking work orders electronically from start to finish in Zuper's electrician software. Keep your team on the same page while getting an up-to-date pulse of what's going on with each job.

Zuper's job checklists ensure that your service delivery is consistent and meets all necessary compliance requirements that are expected from an electrical services business.

Streamline Your Electrical Scheduling and Dispatching Process

Easily schedule appointments and dispatch the right technician to the right electrical job, every time. Avoid double bookings and other scheduling conflicts with real-time visibility of electrician schedules, job service locations, and time-off details of field service teams.

Our scheduling app allows you to create and modify recurring appointments with ease. Zuper's intuitive dispatch board doesn't merely provide complete visibility of your open and scheduled jobs but also supports drag-and-drop actions.

Simplify Estimating and Invoicing for Electrical Contracting

Create accurate estimates and invoices for both materials and electrical labor every time with Zuper. Write estimates quickly and share them with your customers for quick approval. Once a job is completed, approved estimates can be converted to invoices and shared with customers instantly.

Give your customers the convenience of online payments; they can simply click on the payment link sent by their electricians and pay with a credit or debit card or even make use of the financing facility. And electrical contractors can receive payments instantly for their electrical services.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience with Automated Alerts

Nowadays, customers expect to be kept informed about the status of their electrical jobs at all times. Real-time alerts and notifications provide this critical information and help improve customer satisfaction.

While ETA alerts help electricians keep their customers posted about their time of arrival, timely invoice payment alerts can keep customers on track to clear their dues on time.

Features That Work for You

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Work Order Management
Automate and prioritize job requests, technician schedules and dispatching all in one place for more efficient operations and improved workflows.
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Smart Scheduling
With easy-to-use drag and drop scheduling, you can assign new jobs and automatically assign based on availability, proximity, and qualifications. 
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Intelligent Dispatching
Intelligent dispatching efficiently allocates jobs so that the right person is always at the right place with the right information, every time.
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Location Intelligence
Location intelligence helps you accurately track time, GPS, and mileage - saving you costs on fuel and payroll and keeping customers updated.
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Estimate Management
Create customizable estimates with a few clicks, so you can get faster decisions from the client to prioritize job opportunities on the go.
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Contract Management
Edit, search, sign, and store your contracts in one place, making it work with your jobs and assets and plan preventative maintenance tasks.
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Invoice Management
Simplify invoicing by handling service modifications, streamlining your payments, and getting paid on the field or in the office.
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Digital Payments
Start accepting credit, debit, e-checks/ACH payments online, on-mobile, or in-person, as well as through digital payment methods like Stripe.
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Customized Workflows
No-code required settings and access for the non-technical user to quickly and easily customize workflows to suit your business needs.
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Asset Management
Manage your customers asset lifecycle, automate preventive maintenance tasks, reduce costs and optimize productivity and efficiency. 
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Timesheet Management
Monitor technician work hours, locations, clocking in and out, and with customizable payment plans, overtime, and project details.
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Reporting and Analytics
Run reports based on field jobs created, scheduled or finished jobs to gain instant insights on performance, productivity, and profitability.
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Industry-Leading Integrations
Zuper offers premier integrations with best-in-class CRM, service, ticketing, communications, collaboration, accounting, ERP and other apps.
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Mobile Applications
Connect your field service technicians with all tools they need to focus on what they do best, delivering exceptional customer service.
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Inventory Management
Sync your mobile stock with the warehouse and provide your field technicians with the resources they need to manage inventory on the job site.
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Frequently asked questions

Does Electrical contractor software help to generate any real time reports to check the job status?

Yes, Zuper's field service software for electrical businesses comes with 30+ pre-defined report templates, and also allows you to customize them depending on the information you want to look at.

How can we see existing contracts in the software?

Service contracts in the Zuper dashboard will show the active contracts, contracts that are pending approval, expired contracts, contracts that are on hold, and the ones that will expire in seven days.

What are the benefits of electrical contractor software to electricians?

It helps electricians to see their job, manage time-off, location, and the job location requirements on the app. It allows them to easily collect payments and generate invoices and share them with customers.

What is the purpose of electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software makes electrical job completion easy and streamlined. From scheduling a work order to its completion, it manages everything and gives job status in real time. It not only improves customer satisfaction but also maintains the efficiency of electricians.

How easy it it to deploy electrical contractor software?

It is quite easy to deploy electrical contractor software as most of them are web-based. When electrical contractors opt for a web-based electrical services software like Zuper, they can skip the headache of lengthy deployment cycles. And Zuper is web-based, there is no need to install any software on individual computers thus saves both time and money.

What is electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software helps electrical contractors schedule, estimate, and manage their work orders in one place.

Ready to transform your electrical service business?