Digital Payments

Accepting Digital Payments Has Never Been Easier

Digitize your invoicing and payment processes and start accepting credit, debit, and ACH payments online, via mobile, or in-person, as well as through digital payment methods like Stripe.
digital payments

Simplify Invoice Payments and Service Bills

Paper receipts are error-prone and require manual input. Save time and money with digital receipts and speed up the overall payment process without the risk of them getting lost in the mail or stolen. Send bills before buying tools and materials to get paid instantly. Take on bigger jobs and improve profit margins by ensuring you get paid on time, every time.
Accept payments online, in-person, and via mobile
Set up automated one-time or recurring payments for pending invoices
Go touch-free with contactless payments
Instantly match incoming payments with relevant invoices
Get a unified view of all your payments at a glance
invoice payments
 steady cash flow

Take a Digital First Approach and Ensure Steady Cash Flow

To ensure timely invoice processing and keep the cash flow steady, you need a field service management system that offers you the agility to collect online payments and provide financing options whenever required. Zuper gives you one system to do just that.
Make it easy for customers to pay their way - online or in-app via credit, debit, or ACH
Give your customers clear due dates and financing options
Capture receipts on the go
Keep your workflow organized and make tax season a breeze

Integrate Seamlessly with Payment Service Providers

Zuper effortlessly integrates with your favorite accounting software and alternate payment service providers such as Quickbooks, Concur, Stripe,, and Checkout with a streamlined, frictionless process to get them up and running instantly.
Accept credit cards, mobile wallets, buy now, pay later payments worldwide and help boost conversion
Give payment security with no added fee
Keep sensitive payment data off your network
Migrate your invoices to your accounting system with ease
payment processing

Make Payment Processing Convenient for Your Customers

Give your customers the convenience they crave and the security they need. With Zuper's customer-first approach, delight your customers at every service touchpoint. Send digital invoices, collect online payments, and even save the credit card on file to simplify the payment process.
Create a digital-first approach to customer payments and support
Offer a wide variety of payment options to meet customer needs
Provide your customers with a simple checkout process
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Frequently asked questions

Is there an added fee applicable to the payment?

No, there are no additional charges for online payment.

What are the types of digital payment accepted in zuper’s digital payments solution?

Zuper customers can pay online or in-app via credit, debit, or ACH.

Do you have the buy now and pay later option as well?

Yes, Zuper does offer an option to buy now and pay later at your convenience.

What are the benefits of digital payment solutions?

It saves time and money and speeds up the overall payment process without the hassle of handling the cash. With options for automating recurring contracts, subscriptions, instant financing, and invoicing, customers can choose the best according to their needs.

Can I click to pay on my mobile device?

Yes, customers can pay online or in-app via credit, debit, or ACH.

What are the integrations you have for digital payments?

Zuper effortlessly integrates with accounting software and alternate payment service providers such as Quickbooks, Concur, Stripe, and Checkout.