Asset Management

Maximize Asset Performance with Field Service Asset Management Software

Monitor and manage your customers' asset lifecycle, automate preventive maintenance tasks, and maintain a complete record of every asset. Reduce costs and optimize productivity and efficiency with automated asset management.
Field Service Asset Management

Gain Holistic Visibility of Your Assets

Stop sifting through overflowing asset tracking spreadsheets. With Zuper, field service teams can get a consolidated view of all assets in one place. Being more powerful than an average spreadsheet, Zuper puts all essential asset details at the fingertips of stakeholders as and when needed.
Tag customer assets and parts using barcodes
Record depreciation, warranties, and purchase costs
Manage the service or disposal of assets using configurable workflows
Protect revenue leakage and enhance utilization with improved asset uptime
Asset Information

Access Asset Information and History From Anywhere

Our asset maintenance software allows technicians and managers to quickly pull up asset category information, serial number, vendor details, purchase date, price, warranty details, depreciation schedules, from any mobile or desktop device.
Categorize assets and record issues with asset inspection and service checklists
Capture images, attach files or record your own attributes while working on assets
Bulk update, import, or export multiple data sets through configurable workflows
Track the health of your assets over time with a full work order history

Implement a Rock-Solid Preventative Maintenance Plan

Enable your team to spot potential problems earlier, avoiding breakdowns, faults and incidents with automated, planned preventative maintenance (PPM). Create alerts when there are fault codes, use real-time communication to reduce troubleshooting times, investigate issues remotely, and better plan preventive maintenance.
Maximize uptime with runtime-based preventive maintenance
Set up recurring work orders based on days, weeks, or months
Reduce any unnecessary downtime due to sudden breakdown
Set asset servicing alerts and reminders

Preventative Maintenance
User friendly App

Easy-to-Use App, Loved by Technicians

Irrespective of where your field technicians are, help them stay organized and informed with a user-friendly mobile app. Zuper lets your technicians keep everyone in the loop with work order checklists, automated alerts, and rule-based workflows.
Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up service delivery
Help technicians diagnose and repair assets swiftly with detailed asset history
Enable technicians to access job, customer, and asset details on the go
Reduce asset downtime for your customers by increasing first-time fix rates

Connect Your Favorite Tools and Teams

Integrating Zuper with your existing tools and software is easy using our APIs or our special connectors. Get the data you need from Zuper, and automatically sync it with the systems you already use.
Real-time data synchronization with your back-office systems
Uni-directional and bi-directional data sync with leading third-party applications
Customizable reports and dashboards for actionable insights
Flexible API for easy integration

integration with tools

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Track and Manage Your Assets with Zuper's Field Service Asset Management

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between asset tracking and inventory tracking?

Asset tracking refers to the process of tracking and monitoring the location, movement, and status of valuable company assets. Inventory tracking, on the other hand, focuses on tracking the quantity, location, and status of products and materials that a company has in stock.

What is a ghost asset?

A ghost asset refers specifically to those items which cannot be tracked or accounted for. These assets may either be missing or unusable due to technical reasons.

How do we track assets in FSM software?

We can add, edit, and delete assets from the assets module. Now choose "Organization" to continue the asset creation process and select the Customer as optional. Then, choose the required "Asset" parts from the line items and select the "Save Asset" option. Asset creation is successfully. Similarly, we can edit/delete assets from the module.

Why do we need asset maintenance software?

Asset maintenance software is designed to help organizations keep track of their physical assets and ensure that they are properly maintained. By tracking information such as asset location, usage, and maintenance history, asset maintenance software can help organizations maximize the lifespan of their assets and minimize downtime.

What does asset maintenance involve?

Field service asset maintenance usually involves the tracking of fixed assets and equipment by businesses in order to keep inventory of what is owned, information on the depreciation and performance of the equipment, as well as knowing when maintenance or replacement is necessary.

What is field service asset management?

The field service asset management solution helps businesses pinpoint where their assets are, what status they’re in and when the next servicing will be done. It provides you with a detailed record of your customer's assets - owned or rented, so that your field service teams are equipped with all the information they need to finish their job.