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Field Service Scheduling Software that Makes Life Easy

With Zuper's easy-to-use, assisted scheduling, you can quickly and easily assign new jobs and appointments. Eliminate scheduling conflicts and dispatch technicians based on availability, proximity, skills, and other criteria.
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Centrally Manage Your Deskless Workforce by Automating Schedules

Stop making endless copies of your job schedules and manually updating your scheduling calendars. Create work orders easily for your field service teams, add parts/services, assign technicians, and create quotes and invoices instantly.
Manage staff schedules and timesheets with complete transparency and accuracy
Save time by automating scheduling processes through intelligent resource optimization
Intuitive drag-and-drop interface and color-coded visualizations to create and manage schedules
Avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings by simply rescheduling appointments right on the calendar
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Tackle Rescheduling Requests in a Hassle-Free Way

Stop sifting through endless email threads and ever-growing spreadsheets to manage rescheduling requests. Zuper's flexible calendar-like interface makes accommodating customer rescheduling requests easy while ensuring optimal field workforce utilization.
Regain control over your schedule with no threat of understaffing, distributing unbudgeted overtime, and compliance violations
Edit, delete, or reschedule appointments directly from the drag-and-drop interface
Match labor to demand and assign territories based on resource availability, proximity, and skill set

Empower Your Employees and Gain Increased Productivity

Remove ambiguity from your field technician’s day with an intelligent mobile app. Route them to their next service address quickly and effectively with smart route optimization and enhanced territory planning.
Find the best route for mobile workers and optimize their productivity
Improve job completion rates in the field through information capture, notes, images, and forms.
Enable real-time communication between resources and administrators via notifications, SMS, and requests.
Manage work schedules, shifts, and time-off requests effortlessly in an intuitive dashboard
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GPS Location

Make Your Customer Satisfaction Level Soar High

With Zuper, you can view employee GPS location in real-time, receive automatic updates on job status, and track SLA compliance—all of which lead to increased customer satisfaction.
Achieve total customer transparency and keep them updated at every stage of the job.
Improve communication between field staff and the customer.
Build a better customer profile over time to improve retention and grow your business.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does your field service scheduling software cost after the trial?

The basic pricing starts at $40 per user annually and $60 per user monthly. Also, the price may vary based on your unique requirement and use case.

What app does your field service scheduling system integrate with?

Our field service scheduling system integrates well with Zendesk Support, Zendesk Sell, HubSpot Service and Sales CRM, Zoho CRM, and 40+ other third-party apps.

What is field service optimization?

Field service optimization (FSO) is a strategy businesses use to provide clients with efficient, cost-effective service. Its primary uses include improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and streamlining processes. FSO technology has many benefits that make it an effective tool for businesses looking to gain better control over their services. It helps businesses save time with real-time data, actionable insights, and intelligent workflows. It’s important to note that while several different types of field service optimization strategies are available today, they all focus on improving process efficiency and profitability.

What is field scheduling?

Field scheduling is an integral part of field service optimization, but it’s also handy for many things. Scheduling your workforce and assigning resources to particular jobs allows you to minimize downtime while maximizing productivity. By better managing customer expectations and reducing customer wait times, field scheduling gives your business an edge over its competitors by showing clients that they can count on you.

How can scheduling efficiency be improved?

A calendar-like scheduling interface can enable businesses to schedule work orders with a simple drag and drop and ensure that dispatchers have a clear view of a technician’s schedule, thus eliminating any chance for conflicts.

How do you avoid scheduling conflicts?

Rather than managing schedules on overflowing spreadsheets, businesses need to move to an intelligent field service scheduling tool that gives them the flexibility to accommodate out-of-the-blue reschedule requests in a click of a button.

What are some of the challenges in scheduling services?

When performed manually, field service scheduling comprises of various challenges ranging from double booking to missed SLAs and customer dissatisfaction. Disparate tools which don’t give a unified view of customer requirements and technician availability fall short when dispatchers try creating service schedules for the day.  

What’s more, whenever there is a sudden change in the schedule, it takes back-office administrators and dispatchers a ton of time to not only review and accommodate scheduling changes but also convey the same to their field technicians who are on the go.

What is the purpose of scheduling?

The purpose of scheduling is to manage and ensure optimal workforce utilization. Zuper enables businesses to plan and schedule customer service activities by centralizing all resource management related to a job or work order. Zuper can manage the use of technicians, assets, and the receipt of services and parts. It helps businesses effectively plan their workforce activities and fulfill SLAs on time.

What is a field service scheduler?

A field service scheduler is a software tool designed to turn customer appointments and bookings into jobs for a company’s field technicians. Zuper automates creating and maintaining jobs and the work orders associated with them, allowing your company to spend less time staying organized and more time delivering an excellent customer experience.