Intelligent Dispatching

Futuristic Dispatching Software for Field Service Operations

Zuper's intelligent dispatching efficiently allocates jobs appropriately so that the right person is always at the right place with the right information, every time.
Dispatching Software

Enjoy the Benefits of Complete Visibility at Your Fingertips

Forget delays caused by traffic problems and last-minute scheduling changes with 360-degree visibility of your route plans and technician location. Keep your team and customers on the same page, and be more efficient with real-time, intelligent dispatching.
A complete view of your field service operation
Drag and drop calendar helps to reschedule jobs easily
Gain transparency of the jobs, resources, customers, and locations
Customizable views and fields for a seamless experience
Improve crew utilization, optimize job scheduling, and ensure first-time fix rates
easy to use app
scheduling and dispatching

Shorten the Scheduling and Dispatching Cycle with Automation

Enable your dispatchers to complete more jobs and optimize routes with an intelligent dispatch board. Stay up to date on the status of all jobs in real-time, so you can quickly resolve any issues that may arise during the dispatching process.
Allocate based on the volume of jobs given during a specific day or period
Personalize your calendar with color coding and filters
Track travel times between locations by mapping the best possible route from origin to destination
Assisted dispatching based on capacity, skill set, performance, location, and more

Streamline Field Operations with a Unified Dispatch Board

Zuper's intelligent dispatching feature lets you view all service appointments for the day, week, or month from the centralized dispatch board. Monitor, identify, and resolve any issues as they arise immediately.
Add, subtract, or replace job change requirements whenever needed
Get accurate ETAs based on real-time and historical traffic data
Monitor progress status updates from every tech worker on the field
Capture proof of delivery, inventory, and other information
unified dispatch board
real time location tracking

Reap the Benefits of Real-Time Location Tracking

Zuper's field service dispatch software helps you stay in control of your field service team's assignments, notifications, and reminders. With real-time push notifications, you can always keep your service technicians and customers in the loop.
Real-time notifications and alerts to the team ensure they are never late on jobs.
Keep customers in the loop with templatized email and push notifications.
Inform customers of estimated arrival time, technician’s current location, and job status proactively

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Frequently asked questions

Does your dispatch and scheduling software work on iPhone and Android phones?

Yes, our dispatching and scheduling software works on Android and iPhones.

How long does it take to set up your dispatch software?

Being a SaaS platform, Zuper’s setup process is a breeze. For any existing customer, we can simply enable the new dispatch board from the backend on demand. For new customers, it will be enabled during their onboarding or on-demand. The first step of our dispatch software setup is basic user onboarding and team mapping along with work order module setup. Once the basic setup is complete, you can start dispatching your field workforce immediately.

How many staff can your dispatch software manage at once?

Irrespective of your pricing plan, you can onboard and manage an unlimited number of employees in the Zuper platform. On the dispatch board, users are grouped as a team and are listed individually, so it would be one team at a time. However, at the moment, there are no limitations on the number of users that a team can hold.

How much does your dispatch service software cost after the trial?

The basic pricing starts at $40 per user annually and $60 per user monthly. Also, the price may vary based on your requirements and the use case.

What apps does your dispatching software integrate with?

Our dispatching software integrates well with Zendesk Support, Zendesk Sell, HubSpot Service and Sales CRM, Zoho CRM, and 40+ other third-party apps.

How is your dispatch software different from others?

The dispatch software dashboard displays an overview of all jobs performed during the day and helps act on unattended jobs with a single click. The dispatch board helps users track unassigned, unscheduled, and overdue jobs. You can highlight jobs based on their status, team, and category.