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Stay organized and on top of your business operations by automating key processes like scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing, payment collection, and contract management.
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Cleaning business software helps commercial and residential cleaning businesses manage their customer data, schedule appointments, dispatch cleaners, track inventory, and share invoices efficiently.

Skyline Improves Customer Experience and Communications

Zuper is very innovative, and they are always adding more capabilities, improving existing features and adding new ones. They have the best integrations, and their customer service and support is great!

Isaac LaRonge Director of Operations

Skyline Improves Customer Experience and Communications

Zuper is very innovative, and they are always adding more capabilities, improving existing features and adding new ones. They have the best integrations, and their customer service and support is great!

Isaac LaRonge Director of Operations

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Organize And Declutter Your Field Team's

Regardless of how much planning you do, are there a few jobs on your service schedule that miss the mark? Cleaning companies can stay clear of scheduling problems with Zuper. Cleaning scheduling software helps dispatchers assign the right maid or cleaner to a job in a matter of minutes. Our intelligent dispatch board helps identify the right service technician by considering 6 different factors like real-time location, skill set, historic performance, and more.

Optimize Workflows And Work Order Management

Work order management is not the most glamorous part of running a cleaning business, but it is essential for keeping things running smoothly. Zuper helps create and assign work orders, track employee hours, automate workflows, and comply with existing service schedules or agreements.

Cleaning businesses can improve customer satisfaction by providing their customers with real-time status updates on technician arrival times and work order progress.

Make Accurate Invoices And Estimates Your Differentiator

Time tracking is tedious, payment collection requires several follow-ups with clients and manually generated invoices tend to be often inaccurate or incomplete. Generate accurate estimates and invoices every time and send automated, timely reminders with Zuper.

Get a bird’s eye view of your cleaner’s working hours and enable them to raise invoices right from the customer’s place. Share invoices and estimates with customers via SMS and email and offer them online payment options and a financing facility to speed up the payment process.

Use Real-Time Data To Extract Actionable Insights

Make data silos a thing of the past with Zuper’s intelligent reporting module. Bring all your data under one roof — from web and mobile to CRM and customer satisfaction surveys — to get a clear possible picture of your cleaning business.

Stop manually analyzing rows of data and wasting time reading through descriptive, text-heavy reports. Make informed decisions and stay on top of your KPIs by finding out what really matters using our readily available 50+ visual-rich reports.

Features That Work For You

Features That Work For You

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning business services use many tools like field service management software, accounting solutions, HRMS, CRM, and more. These applications need to play well with each other. We have designed Zuper Field Service Management Software in such a way that it integrates nearly with every third-party application out there.
When cleaning business services operate with outdated tools like spreadsheets and online forms, their customer service experience goes up for a toss. The customer will have to get in touch with the back-office team for every little aspect of their scheduled service request.

Back-office teams will have to pour over tons of spreadsheets to find the job and locate the customer information, placing the customer on hold for a long time. This, in turn, leaves a negative impact on the customer’s experience.

With Zuper Field Service Management Software by their side, customer support agents can fetch the job information and customer data in just a few clicks. Both technicians and the back-office team get the information they need the moment they want it, improving employee productivity and happiness.

Productive and happy employees set forth to make customers happy and satisfied. Additionally, Zuper’s self-service portal for customers empowers customers and improves customer experience multifold.
Yes, Zuper Field Service Management Software can create estimates and perform online payment transactions. Zuper’s built-in estimating tool allows cleaning businesses to create detailed estimates with line items right from the job page or the estimates module. Cleaning Businesses can then share the estimates with their customers to confirm their acceptance.

Customers will receive the option to accept or reject an estimate. Accepted estimates can be auto-converted to invoices. These invoices can then be shared with the customers again to initiate payment transactions.

Zuper’s integration with Stripe enables it to accept online payments for invoices. All cleaning businesses need to enable the online payment option when they share the invoice with their customers. Customers can click on the payment link to initiate and complete payment transactions.
Yes, Zuper is an FSM tool with live tracking that allows cleaning businesses to track the location of their technicians in real-time. However, Zuper Field Service Management Software does the live tracking process in the most non-intrusive way possible.

It tracks the location of the technicians only when they mark themselves as available for the job, and their location is not tracked when they are on a break or when they punch out at the end of the day.
The schedule is automatically created based on the customer’s preference, and job details are captured automatically when the job is created. These items can be edited by technicians who are added to the job and back-office employees who have access to the job.

Upon receiving reschedule requests, back-office employees can change the date and time of the job schedule in just a few clicks through Zuper Job Scheduling Software. Technicians assigned to a specific job can edit the status of a job, mark it as complete, create quotes and invoices for the job, and add relevant job details in the form of notes and image attachments.
Yes, with Zuper Field Service Management Software, cleaning businesses can

  • Create both one-time jobs and recurring jobs
  • Assign them to technicians
  • Set a priority to the job
  • Relate that job to a customer
  • Enable technicians to upload supporting images and notes to the job
  • Add quotations and invoices for a job
  • Initiate payment requests for a job and
  • Send timely alerts to customers about job progress
The lack of an invoicing tool makes the invoicing a hassle because estimates and invoices don’t match often. This leads to confusion and to and fro conversations with the customers. Mounting unpaid invoices lead to cash crunches and stunted cash flow.

With a good cleaning business invoicing software by your side, you can take the trivial out of your billing process once and for all. You can empower your technicians to share accurate and timely job estimates right before they start working.

Accepted job estimates and quotations can be auto-converted to invoices from the technician’s mobile app, and invoices can be accepted and paid right from the customer’s mobile app.
In a manual environment, work orders are mostly stored in online forms or spreadsheets. While this may seem manageable initially, as time goes by, overflowing spreadsheets and online forms may make the work order management process chaotic.

Zuper Job Management Software treats work orders or job management as the heart of the system. It offers cleaning businesses an intuitive and customizable form that captures all job-related information effectively.

After capturing all pertinent details of a job, it connects the job with the right customer profile. Technicians, once assigned to the job, can update job progress, add job notes, and even chat with other stakeholders right from the job form. ‍
Outdated scheduling tools like spreadsheets overcomplicate the scheduling process. To book an appointment, customers need to contact the cleaning business’ back-office team every time.

The back-office team will then look at their team’s calendar and respond to booking requests. If there is an open slot, they’ll accommodate customer requests; if not, they will ask the customer for other preferences. This makes scheduling a long and tedious process.

Zuper Field Service Management Scheduling software simplifies scheduling in three ways. Firstly, it offers a seamless scheduling experience to the customers. They can easily book an appointment for cleaning business services without the need to reach out to the back-office team.

Secondly, Zuper Scheduling Software offers customers a self-service interface to track the status of their cleaning business service requests. Finally, it helps cleaning businesses create and maintain recurring appointments at the touch of a button and ensures that the right maid or cleaner is assigned to take care of it.
Cleaning business software is an application for cleaning businesses that automates every step of the cleaning business services lifecycle, from scheduling and dispatching to invoicing and payment. Cleaning business software helps communicate effectively with their customers, make insightful decisions, and easily track supplier performance.

Zuper field service management is a cleaning business software that is suitable for cleaning startups and chains alike. It helps cleaning businesses to seamlessly keep tabs on their field technicians and track them in real-time.

It also offers a powerful way for technicians to communicate with their back-office team and supervisors right with the work order of a job. It proactively keeps the customers informed, thus improving customer satisfaction and retention.
All cleaning business services need a cleaning business solution to organize their operations. When left to the mercy of spreadsheets and other outdated tools, cleaning service operations fall apart at the seams. On the other hand, cleaning businesses can streamline their operations end-to-end with a tool like Zuper Field Service Management Software.

Zuper is the best tool for cleaning business services because it can:

  • Simplify the booking process
  • Smoothen up the dispatching process
  • Standardize the work order management process
  • Sleeks up the estimating process
  • Eliminates the hassles in invoicing process
  • Empowers the field workforce and the back-office team
  • Offers self-service options for customers, and
  • Automates alerts and reminders

In addition to all these aspects, Zuper offers customization options for cleaning business services so that they can tweak the product to fit their business needs.