Custom Workflows

Customized Workflows Tailored for Your Unique Business Needs

Zuper is the most flexible and customizable field service management solution available today! Our extensive features and functionality are combined with access for business users to quickly and easily customize workflows to suit your business needs.
customized workflows

Fully Configurable and Easy to Use Workflow Management

Reduce costs, increase workforce utilization, and boost asset performance with highly customizable workflows tailored to your needs. Get organized, streamline processes, improve productivity, and drive efficiencies for your field operations.
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Manage Complex Workflows Easily with Dynamic Business Rules

There's a better way to manage workflow approvals from quotation approval to parts/services utilization than email or spreadsheets. Zuper FSM software solution allows you to easily set up customizable approval flows for everything from work orders to payment collection and workforce management.
Set up custom filters and assign tasks by technician, location, due date, status, and priority level with complete audit trails
Configure the job details checklist to include photos, videos, or files and communicate with built-in chat and commenting features
Cut down on admin tasks and email with customized forms that auto-assign tasks
Configure and automate scheduling of technicians based on customizable criteria such as geographic proximity, availability, and skills
dynamic workflows

Customize Your Zuper FSM with Leading Integrations

Zuper offers an extensive list of best-in-class app integrations for seamless connection to CRM, ticketing, servicing, collaboration, communications, accounting, payments, and 50+ other third-party applications.
Create a seamless customer experience from end-to-end with integration to HubSpot, Zoho CRM, SalesForce and other leading CRM systems
Optimize your service requests and ticketing processes with real-time sync to Zendesk, Service Hub and more
Connect to QuickBooks, Zoho Books or other accounting apps for the ultimate estimating, invoicing, and payments experience
Improve customer experience by integrating with your favorite communication and collaboration apps

Create Checklists and Custom Fields for Your Unique Workflows

Tailor checklists, processes, and fields to meet your organization's specific needs. Add or remove steps from checklists, and make fields required, read-only, or hidden. Automate tasks and improve data collection for seamless workflows.
Choose from a variety of templates or configure your own fields for your organization's specific needs
Add an unlimited number of custom fields, forms, and views
Frictionless documentation with photos, pdfs, videos, and files helps you avoid rework
Set up multiple user assignees and permissions for better collaboration
personalized dashboards

Get More Out of Your Data with Actionable Reports and Personalized Dashboards

Gather actionable insights and make informed decisions with customizable reports and dashboards. Our out-of-the-box reports are created for the business user to access, use, and report on quickly and easily.
Without any extra effort, make data-driven decisions with Zuper’s 30+ out-of-box reports that reflect your custom workflows
Tailor the dashboard and get real-time insights into your customers’ feedback, revenue, parts utilizations, and more
Get real-time insights and optimize your operations from monitoring your team’s performance and customer service experience
Provide a transparent record of inspections and checklists completed by technicians for recurring work orders

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Frequently asked questions

Can We Customize Zuper’s FSM Software According to Business Requirements?

Yes, Zuper's FSM software is highly customizable and can be tailored to match the unique business requirements of the customer. Our extensive list of features and functionalities help customize workflows to suit your business needs.

What Are the Key Features of Customized FSM Software?

FSM software has custom filters like assigning tasks by technician, location, due date, status, and priority level with complete audit trails. It has an extensive list of app integrations for seamless connection with CRM, ticketing, service, collaboration, communications, accounting, payments, and more. It also helps create tailored checklists, contracts, and field requirements to suit your organization's needs.

How Do Customized Workflows Help FSM Businesses?

Customized workflow can help FSM businesses ensure that each task is completed in the most efficient way possible. By streamlining their workflows, businesses can save time and money. Additionally, customized workflows can help improve communication between employees. Finally, customized workflows can help businesses to adapt to changing regulatory or process needs and demands. By being able to quickly adjust their workflows, field service businesses can respond effectively to new challenges and opportunities.

With What Systems/Tools Can You Integrate?

Zuper offers end-to-end integration with HubSpot, Zoho CRM, SalesForce, Zendesk, HubSpot Service Hub, QuickBooks, Zoho Books, and 50+ other third-party tools.

How Can We Customize Workflow in FSM Software?

Zuper FSM software is highly customizable and allows you to either tailor workflows to best suit your needs or choose from one of the pre-configured workflow options. This is a quick and easy way to get started, and you can always customize it further down the line if needed. Alternatively, you can create a completely custom workflow from scratch. This gives you complete control over every aspect of the process, but it does require a bit more time and effort to set up. Whichever approach you take, FSM software provides all the tools you need to customize your workflow the way you want to.

Why Do We Need Customized Workflows in FSM Software?

Customizable workflows help streamline and upgrade field service processes that are letting things slip without constant human intervention. While built-in workflows in FSM software ensure that field service operations run as they are supposed to, customizable workflows help FSM businesses tailor their processes to fulfill their unique business needs.