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21 Electrical Maintenance Blog Resources to Upgrade Your Business in 2024

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As an electrical contractor, it is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry to keep you competitive and provide your clients with the best possible service. In this blog post, we will discuss some blog resources that you can use to help upgrade your electrical contracting business in 2022. Today all electrical maintenance blogs are loaded with information and resources. Choosing the right one and learning from it is essential. Below is a list of some of the top websites that are flooded with information. The list is long, but we bring you some websites that rank the best in the electrical industry. Whether you are looking for information on new technology or marketing tips, we have got you covered!

Electrical maintenance blogs for business upgrade

In today’s fast-paced world, staying up-to-date on the latest news and trends in your industry is important. Whether you’re a professional electrical engineer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, there are some great blogs out there that can help you stay informed.

1. Electrical News

The Electrical News website has dedicated sections for local, national, and international news updates. Organizing sites in this way provides readers with an idea of how things work locally, regionally, nationally, and yes—internationally. These blogs are updated with timely and relevant content to follow changing market trends, making these websites a go-to resource for electricians. There are articles like customer satisfaction for electrical contracting that provides good knowledge to readers.


The IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) is a union of around 775,000 workers from across the electrical industry. The IBEW is under the influence of the National Electrical Contractors Association and frequently assists with apprenticeship programs for electricians and linemen. The IBEW website is very insightful. It provides readers with an inside look at the workings of the organization and offers opinions and perspectives on a variety of electrical topics.

3. Zuper

Zuper strives to provide the best blogs for electrical maintenance; they have taken the time to organize blogs into separate categories so that the reader is not overwhelmed and is able to select articles appropriate to their requirements. For instance, starting How to Start an Electrical Contracting Business and How to Market Your Electrical Contracting Business are both blogs worth mentioning. Zuper does not just stop with this, they have gone a step further by adding white papers, podcasts, case studies, and eBooks that are loaded with information. Zuper also has an academy page that features company integrations, featured articles, and recent product updates.

4. Electrical Wiki

A blog that holds all the in-depth information on any topic you can think of. It helps readers (electricians) to understand multiple things about work and workflow. Electrical Wiki has categorized its page, making it easier for its readers to choose from assortments like lighting, electrical motors, etc. This way, the website is not cluttered with so much information that it overwhelms the user.

5. Electrical Contractor

Electrical contractors and professionals alike can’t afford to miss out on the latest industry trends and training tips from NECA’s Electrical Contractor magazine. With 80K+ subscribers, this publication focuses heavily on the safety of electrical personnel. What’s more, this magazine has been in publication since 1935!

6. Electrical Training Hub

The Electrical Training Hub is a one-stop-shop for electricians to get details about courses, salaries, and education. The website is loaded with articles from becoming an electrician to finding the highest-paid electrician and ideas about finding your niche in the industry.

7. EEP

EEP (Electrical Engineering Portal) is a website that manages to touch on everything that an electrician might want to know. Visitors to this website will find that there is a lot of information to be had and an electrician spending their time here has the opportunity to increase their knowledge substantially. EEP concentrates on technical articles like rating large generators, controlling the flow of organic currents, and covering weekly newsletters.

8. eSUB

eSUB is a site that frequently publishes blogs for the electricians visiting it. Their strategy is to publish articles that will teach and inform the electricians visiting them and help their visitors to perform better. eSUB covers a variety of subjects, some dealing with a new software launch; some dealing with how to manage data securely.

9. ECN

ECN (Electrical Contracting News) is a place to get all the latest details and updates about what is newsworthy in the electrical field. Along with blogs ECN also publishes electrical magazines every month with all the latest news and updates in the electrical industry. Apart from being good at publishing whitepapers, and webinars, they offer in-depth content relevant to electricians’ lives. ECN is a great resource for keeping up to date with what is new in the industry and what you can expect to see in the future.

10. Electrical Line

A website striving to provide as much information as possible with a maximum reach for blogs they publish. Some of their regular columns, case studies, and whitepapers highlight personnel and product representation changes in the electrical business. The magazines they have published are available virtually, making them more accessible to their customers. Recent issues of the magazine have touched on the need for electrical equipment in service rooms, and seek to give its readers as much information as possible.

11. Plant Services

Plant Services website has established its website with a huge amount of blogs, podcasts, webinars, industrial news, white papers, and surveys. Let’s start with how the website is classified harmoniously. This has given the website visitors a sense of ease while searching for their required information. Certain blogs like how to improve reliability and availability of a system, and improve your electrical system uptime are a learning opportunity for both technicians and consumers.

12. Electrician Talk

Electrician Talk is an online community with a broad range of interactive blogs about the market’s recent trends. The website provides updates to a diverse community of electricians with a global reach. Forums like this, provide a platform where electricians, contractors, and apprentices can connect easily and share information.

13. NECA

NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) is the best source of industry news and media updates. They contain the best news post that keeps their readers updated with the local stories in the market regionally, nationally, and internationally. NECA has podcasts that benefit the electricians with weekly guest discussions on the troubles they are facing at work and a bi-weekly discussion with labor relations officers on complicated topics. The launch of the electrical magazine’s issues is an excellent addition to the website, thus making it more accessible for the readers.

14. EC&M

Empowered by Siemens, EC&M is an electrical expertise provider that has a well-established platform for its blogs, magazines, eBooks, and other media. EC&M guides their visitor’s choice of what to read by separating them into different sections; each with its own heading. Examples of sections include lighting and control, operations, and top electrical contractors. EC&M provides strategical insights for new products and provides health tips for gaining more business leads.

15. Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Electrical Safety in the Workplace is a resource for those interested in buying or selling new, used, and surplus electrical equipment. They serve as an informative guide to buyers and sellers of all types of electrical products. This site also offers auctions where electricians can find great deals on electrical contractor tools like the complete contractor’s kit and more.

16. IEC

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) are publishing magazines under the name insight magazines that keep you updated about the electrical industry news, expert electrician advice, frequent updating of the electrical information, and much more.

17. Maintenance Blog

The Maintenance Blog was started by a maintenance manager name Andrew who has over 25 years of experience. Andrew has written a number of eBooks and user manuals as well as compiling links that are useful for electrical contractors visiting his site. The complete website provides information to the readers, which is helpful for electrical contractors looking to improve their career prospects.

18. Electrician Apprentice

The Electrician Apprentice Headquarters provides a complete online guide for the newbies just starting as electrical contractors or who are in the process of starting an apprenticeship to become one. Electrician apprentice keeps you posted about the updated market research and upgraded market tools you should know as an electrician.

19. House Repair Talk

As the name suggests, the House Repair Talk forum serves as a conduit to connect homeowners and electricians. They can talk online to discuss the various home needs and their project requirements.

20. Lighting Supply

As the name suggests, the Lighting Supply Blog is one place for electricians who specialize in installing light bulbs. This website gives you all the information you need about the blub fixtures starting with how to find the correct bulb for your customers.

21. Electrical Marketing

As the name suggests, Electrical Marketing is a website that can address almost all of your marketing needs like knowing the top news, new product releases, process changes, economic changes, etc. A monthly subscription is required for your premium data reports.


The Internet is flooded with articles that can refresh your memory, and keep you updated on changes in the market. These blogs and compiled lists can help you make changes to your working style and help you become one of the go-to electricians in your area. Make sure to check out these blogs to make you a better electrical professional. The Internet is vast, and the websites listed above are certainly not the only sites available, but they are a good place to start. Feel free to leave other links for the reader to check in the comments!

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