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How a Facility Maintenance Company Upgraded Communication & Won Happy Clients

A thriving facility maintenance company, known for its stellar technicians, found itself struggling. Outdated systems led to a surge in phone calls, mountains of paperwork, and frustrated employees. They knew they needed a change, and fast. Enter Zuper, a comprehensive facility management software that became their game-changer.

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What You’ll Learn

In this case study, we delve into the story of a successful Norwegian facility management company. Once known for its top-notch technicians, the company hit a snag due to outdated systems. Manual work orders, unclear job assignments, and slow invoicing created chaos, leading to frustrated employees and anxious clients. Their smooth operation became a struggle, threatening their reputation and success. They implemented Zuper, a comprehensive facility management software. Zuper’s mobile app empowered technicians, smart dispatching ensured the right person was sent for the job, and route optimization saved time.

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