Deliver An Exceptional Customer Experience Consistently

Automate your field service workflows to refocus your time and money on providing better, personalized customer service. Build lasting customer relationships and increase revenue from repeat customers and referrals.

Increase Your Profitability Through Improved Customer Service

Empower field technicians with all the tools they need to solve customer service requests effectively and increase repeat customers. Offer your field service pros an intuitive mobile app and ensure they consistently exceed customer expectations, building a loyal customer base for your business.

Integrate With QuickBooks, HubSpot, And Other Third-Party Systems

Connect Zuper seamlessly with your existing software stacks like ticketing systems, CRM, payment processors, and accounting tools through API integration. Streamline your customer experience by enabling seamless data transfer across your third-party applications.
Unify all your customer-facing teams with in-app chat, activity notes, and checklists
Bring all your internal stakeholders onto the same page and help them make customer-centric decisions
Turn your customers into brand advocates by keeping them proactively informed

Unleash The Hidden Potential Of Your Field Service Technicians

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your field technicians with the Zuper Mobile App. Help your field workforce effectively plan their days, stay on top of work orders, jot down notes and attach pictures, share quotes and invoices, and collect payments online.
Help your field service pros find the quickest and shortest route to their service location with route optimization
Easily identify the most skilled employee or crew for a job based on skill set, location proximity, and more
Enable field teams to share job reports, estimates, and invoices with customers via email and SMS
Collect online payments from customers and offer them a financing option with third-party integrations

Simplify Your Approach To Customer Data Management

Eliminate the need for field service teams to get in touch with their back-office counterparts to retrieve customer information. Say goodbye to overflowing spreadsheets and piles of paperwork that contain sensitive data. You can easily fetch customer data from your help desk CRM and other third-party apps with seamless integration.
Enable administrators to create, edit, and delete customer records
Integrate effortlessly with your existing third-party tools for data exchange
Store all your customer records in a cloud database and eliminate data silos

Keep Customers Informed and Connected with Automated Alerts

Leverage the power of real-time location intelligence for efficient dispatching and smart customer notifications. Configure SMS and email templates specific to different statuses and milestones so you can send timely alerts and notifications to keep your customers in the loop.
Send automated reminders to inform customers about their upcoming service appointments
Keep your customers in the loop with automated notifications.
Keep your customers informed about expiring quotations and outstanding invoice payments
Trigger a feedback survey right after a work order is marked as complete by the technician

Maximize Your Service Delivery Quality with Reporting and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with best-in-class reporting and analytics capabilities from Zuper. Capture customer sentiment, track service quality, and measure your technician's performance ensuring operational excellence and continued business success.
Track operational efficiency by monitoring KPIs with over 50+ readily-available reports
Push/Pull data from third-party analytics software like Tableau, Power BI, and more
Customize every aspect of your reports to meet your unique business requirements

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