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Hassle-Free Customer Management for Field Service Teams of All Sizes

When customer experience is the key to success, field service businesses need the right data, insights, and technology to fulfill customer expectations. See how the Zuper customer management solution empowers every field service technician to serve your customers better and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
customer management

Keep Your Customer Records Up-to-Date and Accurate

Your field service teams no longer have to get in touch with their back-office counterparts to retrieve customer information. And bid adieu to overflowing spreadsheets and paperwork filled with confidential customer data. Go digital and maintain all your customer contact information, payment details, addresses, and integrate them into your CRM in one go.
Administrators can add, edit, and delete customer records easily
Maintain a single source of truth for customer records and connect it with your CRM for seamless information exchange
Cut down on manual sorting and sifting with a cloud-based repository
Capture customer payment details and store them securely

Manage Your Customer Information from Anywhere

Are your employees wasting away their time sifting through overflowing spreadsheets to find customer information? Empower your back-office teams and field workforce to be more productive by giving them all relevant customer information ranging from accurate geolocation to historical work order records.
Allow technicians to view the entire customer profile right from their mobile device
Capture customer locations accurately and route technicians efficiently to the destination
Get a unified view of all customer information from service address to assets and invoices
View active and historic service agreements and contracts

Maintain a Single Source of Truth Without Manual Intervention

Is your back-office team tired of manually updating customer data in different third-party applications you use? Manual intervention does not only take a toll on your staff but also is ineffective, time-consuming, and subject to errors. Keep your customer records up-to-date and maintain a single source of truth with Zuper's customer management module.
Choose from a variety of third-party apps and enable bidirectional data sync
Remove data redundancy, manual intervention, and their associated errors
Keep your employee happy by eliminating administrative activities
Improve your operational efficiency multifold with accurate customer records

Don't Just Manage Customer Data, Make It Work for You

Zuper customer management allows you to do more than just manage your customer data. Get a complete understanding of your customer needs, their job history, and assets in one place. With more insight, you can dispatch the right technician, deliver personalized experiences, and build trust.
Automatically create customer reports using our ready-to-use templates
Assign technicians instantly based on their proximity to the customer's location
Have personalized and meaningful interactions with customers
Extract meaningful insights from existing and historical customer data

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