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Simplo Integrates Real-time Visibility and Resource Tracking

By integrating Zuper and Shopify, Simplo can now streamline its entire service workflow, from order placement to installation and beyond.
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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficiency, and streamlined operations are crucial to success. Simplo, a prominent player in the e-commerce industry, recognized the need for a robust field service software solution to optimize its operations and elevate customer satisfaction.

Enter Zuper, a trusted Field Service Management (FSM) software provider that partnered with Simplo to revolutionize its processes and drive business growth. This case study explores how Simplo leveraged Zuper’s advanced capabilities to enhance its e-commerce operations and deliver exceptional customer experience.


Simplo faced several challenges in its e-commerce operations that hindered its ability to deliver seamless service. The company struggled with complex scheduling and dispatching processes, inefficient communication channels, inventory tracking, and a lack of real-time visibility into field activities.

These challenges resulted in delays, missed appointments, and decreased customer satisfaction. Simplo needed a comprehensive FSM software that could address these pain points and enable them to scale their operations efficiently.

  1. Customizability was hard with other FSM platforms
  1. Adaptability of field technician to the platform
  1. Other platforms did not have a straightforward approach
  1. Lacking the ability to track field technicians
  1. Other FSM software were too expensive


Simplo knew that offering excellent customer experience is essential in the e-commerce business. They realized the importance of collaboration, and maintaining a stringent schedule required greater visibility of their service team.

As an e-commerce industry, Simplo had to handle a lot of inventory, and they were looking for a reputed FSM to integrate their Shopify account. After a few calls which displayed the simplicity with which Zuper was able to integrate with Shopify, they knew that Zuper was a versatile FSM software with many possibilities.

Highly Customizable

Zuper allowed them to tailor the platform to their specific requirements. Zuper FSM’s flexible architecture and configuration options enabled Simplo to create personalized workflows, forms, and reports, ensuring seamless integration with their existing operations.

User-Friendly Interface

Zuper’s simplicity and user-centric design helped Simplo’s technicians quickly adapt to Zuper’s intuitive mobile application. Its simple user interface made it easy for the technicians to access job details, update progress, and capture important information on the go. The platform’s simplicity and user-centric design contributed to rapid adoption and improved productivity among Simplo’s technicians.

Live Location Tracking

Monitor job progress, locate your technician on the map and offer the most efficient route to the customer’s location and provide customers with accurate arrival and completion time estimates. The increased visibility and enhanced operational efficiency allowed Simplo to deliver superior customer service.

Grow with Confidence

Simplo sought a scalable FSM solution that could grow alongside its expanding operations. Zuper’s robust architecture and flexibility provided the scalability Simplo needed. Simplo was confident that Zuper could support its increasing workforce, customer base, and evolving needs as it expanded its business.

Startup Synergy

Simplo and Zuper shared a common ground; as startups striving to disrupt and innovate in their respective industries. Simplo recognized the advantage of partnering with a like-minded company that understood the agility, flexibility, and challenges of being a startup. This synergetic mindset laid the foundation for a strong partnership and collaboration.


Being mindful of its budget constraints as a startup, Simplo needed an FSM solution that offered robust functionality without breaking the bank. Zuper’s competitive pricing model made it an attractive choice for Simplo. They discovered that Zuper provided exceptional value for their investment, offering a comprehensive feature set at a cost that aligned with Simplo’s financial goals.

Prompt and Responsive Support

Simplo valued the importance of receiving responsive and attentive support from their technology partners. Zuper’s startup culture fostered a customer-centric approach, and its dedicated support team demonstrated a genuine commitment to Simplo’s success. Zuper’s prompt responses and willingness to address Simplo’s questions and concerns instilled confidence in their decision to choose Zuper as their FSM provider.

Integration with Shopify

By integrating Zuper and Shopify, Simplo can now streamline its entire service workflow, from order placement to installation and beyond. Simplo utilizes Integrated Inventory Management to enhance its business. The integration between Zuper  and Shopify also extends to inventory management. Simplo can track product availability, update stock levels, and manage replenishment in real-time. This integration ensures that accurate inventory information is reflected in the Shopify store, reducing the chances of overselling or stockout.

Zuper excels in effective communication between staff members and customers. With Zuper, our customers can receive timely notifications and stay well-prepared for visits from field technicians. Moreover, Zuper streamlines processes, saving valuable time and enhancing logistical operations.
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