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How Field Service Management Helps Lower Solar Soft Costs

A complete guide for Solar Energy Business owners on how they can reduce installation expenses, supply chain, and transaction fees, and customer acquisition costs.
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What You’ll Learn

Predictions for the growth of the solar industry in America are looking good these days, giving a much-needed push towards adopting sustainable energy options. However, solar soft costs, the non-hardware expenses of deploying solar, remain problematic for many solar and storage businesses. Overall system costs for solar dropped by 25% in the past seven years, while soft costs account for 65% of the total costs for residential solar and 57% of the total costs for commercial rooftop solar.

This new eBook details what a field service management (FSM) solution can do to address the burden of soft costs for solar businesses. It discusses how FSM cuts cost around the installation process by:

  • Comprehensive workflow creation for streamlined processes
  • Real-time communication between office, field staff, and customers
  • Data-driven business decisions using analytics and reporting.

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