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Planned Preventive Maintenance for Electric Vehicles Simplified in 6 Steps

An overview of how businesses can automate the planned preventive maintenance of electric vehicles and simplify the process in 6 steps.

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What You’ll Learn

The Electric Vehicle Industry has come a long way since its inception. The sale of electric vehicles in the US is estimated to cross $4 million by 2030. With rising customer expectations, EV businesses must ensure that their customers have a smooth journey using their electric vehicles. 

Though electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than normal vehicles, they need ongoing maintenance, depending on their usage. Preventive periodic maintenance is essential to keep electric vehicles in top shape. Electric vehicle (EV) businesses can improve customer satisfaction and boost sales by automating their preventative maintenance process.  

Download this infographic to understand how EV businesses can leverage Field Service Management Software to simplify planned preventative maintenance in six simple steps. 



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