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Delivering Efficiency is Key for Lumio Intelligence

Lumio Intelligence joined the Zuper Partner Network in late 2019. The company aims to unleash productivity and efficiency in the Canadian region.
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Lumio Intelligence joined the Zuper Partner Network in late 2019. The Quebec-based company aims to unleash productivity and efficiency in the Canadian region through innovative technological solutions leading to digital transformation.

As a flagship partner of Zuper FSM, they also have premier partners status for Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, Zoho Project, Zoho Campaigns, and marketing applications.

Lumio’s experience allows it to integrate value-added ecosystems into its clients’ operations, resulting in a quicker return on investment and better automation of processes. The team is now working to develop its business across the borders in the French-speaking markets of France and Switzerland.

Tracking Field Services Challenges and Opportunities in the Quebec Market

The Quebec market may have been a bit of a laggard but is now buckling down on the move to new technologies, automation, and software solutions. Rising labor, fuel, and supply costs also motivate businesses to look for ways to automate and increase field services efficiencies.

Digital transformation initiatives are being looked at by large and small businesses alike who want to remain competitive and future-proof their organizations.

Lumio’s focus on automating workflows for customers, whether it be keeping track of inventory or managing projects, has put them in an exciting position as the market begins its move to a digital future.

Lumio Streamlines its Capabilities in Field Service Management

Lumio distinguishes itself creatively meeting the challenges of digital transformation, which can be otherwise complex and time-consuming. Their secret sauce is a mix of business expertise and technical knowledge of the Zuper applications they implement.

As a result, the configured systems are particularly effective as they respect good business practices and existing processes. In this way, users adopt the solutions faster and stick with them in the long term while providing the company with a competitive edge.

Customized solutions for its clients

When customers of Lumio are ready to take the plunge into automating their field business processes, they often ask for a turnkey solution. Their primary needs are to see results quickly, have a system that connects with their existing departmental applications, and not worry about maintenance or technical support.

The Zuper platform offers all of this, with the flexibility to easily add on new functionality and applications and the problem-solving ability of Lumio as the business grows.

Stand-out features for field services

The Zuper platform helps Lumio customers manage work orders from start to finish, track inventory and materials, schedule and dispatch workers, and invoice customers—all in one place.

Another big plus is that the Zuper mobile app gives field workers the ability to access work order information, update status and progress, add photos and signatures, and more—right from their smartphone or tablet. This helps to eliminate paperwork, speed up billing cycles, and improve customer satisfaction.

As Lumio understands the customer’s business, the cultural dynamics, and the features and capabilities of the Zuper platform, they can quickly configure a tailored solution with the right support and training options for managers and technicians that saves both, time and money.

In particular, the real value of partners like Lumio is their ability to help customers see how the Zuper solution can be tailored to fit their specific business needs—now and in the future.

Ability to sync with third-party solutions

Many of Lumio’s customers use Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Desk, and other applications in their business. The ability to connect these applications using the Zuper platform helps create a seamless ecosystem that improves efficiencies and saves time.

Development of a clear game plan

Lumio’s development of a clear game plan and budget has helped them avoid wasting time and overcharging their clients. Thanks to their deep understanding of the Zuper platform, they can configure it quickly and easily to meet each customer’s specific needs. This includes providing agile support for teams and training so that managers and technicians can get up to speed quickly and start seeing results.

Successful implementation of the Zuper solution

Lumio has successfully implemented the Zuper solution for a range of customers across different industries. One such customer is Echelle Canada, which increased employee productivity and improved asset/inventory management with Zuper. In addition, Lumio has helped many other customers across the Telecom, HVAC Installation, Landscaping, Security & IT Systems, and Plumbing or Electrical industries to streamline their field service management capabilities.

The Power of Collaboration

With the help of Lumio, customers can take full advantage of the Zuper platform’s capabilities. In return, Lumio can grow its business by providing solutions that create value for its customers. This is truly a win-win situation.

Our approach is to take the time to understand the customer’s business, processes, and objectives. We then develop a game plan and budget that we can both agree on. This way, there are no surprises, and the customer knows exactly what they are getting.
Melanie Maquet
President – General Manager

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