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Puntoshop Takes Business Operations By The Horns

PuntoShop is working closely with Zuper to cater to Spanish-speaking clients and believes in a bright future with significant market demand.
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For more than 15 years, Francisco Figueroa Nigaglioni has been working, consulting, implementing with companies such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, Sa, Salesforce, Adobe Commerce, and Zendesk.  Three years ago, he decided to form a new venture to support companies in their digital transformation process by integrating business best practices and simplifying their processes for business operations with platforms that are easy to use, easy to implement and has faster time-to-market.

In addition to the knowledge offered around large technology implementations, he decided to put emphasis on the ecommerce space and recently added consulting and services around Field Service Management offering.

Their business is done from Puerto Rico and extends to clients and customers in the Dominican Republic and across Central America.

Many of their clients are using either Shopify or Magento and some are looking for a complimentary field service management solution.

His clients are mostly in the retail/ecommerce (such as appliances), insurance, property maintenance (e.g., hospitality or healthcare facilities) as well as B2B ecommerce. Many of his clients have the field services operations that support the sales.

His clients are mostly all on the cusp of digital transformation and looking for ways to automate, streamline processes, simplify workflows, and create exceptional customer service through technology and personalized experience.

This includes priority around offering easy ordering and scheduling, delivery and installations, digital payments on-site and more.

Challenges and Opportunities

Most of the Caribbean and Central America market is in the diverse stages of adopting technology including CRM, Customer Experience Platforms, digital payments, and field service management software so it’s all green fields for PuntoShop. Majority of companies tend to be in the small to mid-sized companies and don’t have the luxury of deep developer resources so need solutions that integrate quickly and easily with other systems and are easy to set up and configure and manage.

In this market, as in North America, the customer experience is evolving as customers get exposed to better, faster, and more pleasant service experiences and are also demanding more from companies. Competition is increasing for PuntoShop customers, and they need better solutions to accelerate their operations for growth.

  • 80% of B2B Buyers Expect the same level of convenience as experienced in B2C sites
  • ​80% of B2B Buyers Prefer suppliers that have the broadest possible assortment
  • 89% of consumers say that marketplaces offer a convenience they appreciate
  • 71% of B2B buyers said they would switch suppliers to one with a better overall digital experience.

Why Zuper?

After researching field service management (FSM) SaaS apps available in the market, PuntoShop landed at Zuper with confidence. The main reason for this certainty was the clear path to faster go-to-market since it is easy to implement, and quick to see a return on the investment.

The main functionality appeal of Zuper was it met the main requirements of his client list including:

  1. Asset Management – most of his clients offer the ecommerce experience but have a field team that provides installation, maintenance, and repair services. Having the asset management capabilities (etc. details to be added)…
  1. Mobile App – most field technicians are not deep in technical experience or mobile saavy so the mobile app experience must be easy to use and maintain. Ensuring that the experience makes the technician more productive rather than time consuming is key so the ability to complete checklists, upload photos, complete timesheets
  1. Integration with Zendesk – Zuper’s first-class integration with Zendesk offers a seamless end-to-end process across the service teams including customer care, service and ticketing to field visits, for the ultimate service experience …
  1. Easy Set Up and Ongoing Optimization – no code workflows enable quick and easy configuration and implementation for a quick set up and go-to-market ensuring success (What’s Next:

PuntoShop is working closely with Zuper to build out product demos with the Spanish language supported with easy to use and follow sales and support materials as they believe the future is bright and the need is big.

Zuper is easy! It was the natural choice given that it is so highly flexible and customizable and doesn’t require heavy tech resources to set it up and manage it. This all leads to a quick ROI for my clients.
Francisco E. Figueroa
Managing Partner, PuntoShop

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