Alchemist's customers streamlined processes and automated workflows.

Alchemist Advanced Technologies provides a comprehensive solution for technology challenges, catering to businesses of all sizes.

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Alchemist Advanced Technologies provides a comprehensive solution for technology challenges, catering to businesses of all sizes. They handle the entire process, from lead generation and customer experience management to integrating sales and end support for a seamless digital transformation.

Being a leading Zoho Partner in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman, they have executed more than 500 projects. They provide service for:

  • Zoho CRM implementation and training
  • Shopify store implementation
  • Hike POS implementation and training
  • Detrack delivery tracking system implementation
  • Monday – task management implementation and training

Along with, Zuper Field Service Management Software implementation and training

Alchemist Technologies provides a variety of solutions to businesses in the construction, landscaping, HVAC, and maintenance sectors.


1. Lack of awareness

Many businesses in the UAE are missing out on the benefits of field service management due to a lack of awareness. Despite the rising popularity of FSM software, most service businesses continue to rely on outdated paperwork and manual practices. As a result, these businesses struggle to achieve cost and time-saving benefits, improve their field team’s efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. 

2. Hesitance to embrace change

Overcoming the hurdle of introducing new technologies, such as field service management software, can be a challenge for many businesses as stakeholders may find it intimidating. It's natural for people to resist change and stick to familiar processes. However, with proper implementation and training, employees can confidently embrace these tools and reap the benefits of streamlined operations and improved productivity.

3. Shock of a hefty price tag

The cost of implementing field service management software can be a deterrent for many businesses in the UAE region. The expense may be perceived as greater than hiring an experienced technician, leading to hesitation in making the investment. In Dubai, the cost per user of using field service management software may even surpass that of hiring a skilled technician for a full day.


Many businesses are missing out on the benefits of field service management due to a reluctance to adopt new technology. However, implementing modern solutions like field service management software can greatly improve efficiency and reliability. 

With many small and medium-sized companies looking for easy-to-use systems that play well with their existing software stack, now is the perfect time to explore field service management tools like Zuper and streamline operations with user-friendly yet powerful features.

1. User-friendly interface and minimal configuration

Zuper's user-friendly approach makes it stand out in the crowded field service software market. Its no-code setup and easy configuration allow businesses to quickly implement and start reaping the benefits of digital transformation with minimal effort and no learning curve.

2. Streamlined processes and automated workflows

Zuper helps businesses offer a seamless customer experience through streamlined processes and automated workflows. By streamlining critical field service processes, Zuper makes it easy for service businesses to skip redundancies, speed up approvals, and improve overall efficiency.

3. Drag and drop dispatching experience

With Zuper's advanced dispatch board, managing field staff and schedules has never been easier. Utilizing its drag-and-drop features, creating optimized routes for all incoming jobs is a breeze. This gave the business a clear view of all assignments from start to finish, ensuring no job is left unseen.

4. Robust documentation and automated alerts

With Zuper's mobile app, technicians can easily create, manage, and track work orders, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork. They can capture work order history and status updates by simply snapping a picture and adding notes. Plus, real-time updates allow for seamless communication and collaboration with stakeholders.

“We are one of the proud partner of Zuper based in the Middle East. Our long-term search for a reliable solution in the field service segment took us to Zuper. We have been looking for a solution to address the various requirements of our clients to manage their field workforce and jobs. We found ourselves perfect match with the solution offered by Zuper”

Riyas Parat

CEO, Alchemist Corporate Services

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