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Completed Service Work And Its Value In Field Services With David Nour

You have probably heard of a popular management principle called Completed Staff Work. Completed Service Work is an evolution of this concept of doing everything thoroughly and anticipating next steps to the world of field service management.

Did you know there is more to completed service work than simply fixing a customer’s problem?

In this episode, Michael Israel talks to David Nour, the author of Relationship Economics® about how completed service work elevates the service professionals, their impact on the businesses, and the need for a more strategic conversation around services than taking a transactional approach.

Michael and David discuss:

  • The concept of “Completed Service Work” and its relevance to field services
  • How companies like Uber, Pizza Hut, Lyft have changed the expectations of consumers and businesses at large
  • How and when does a customer’s relationship begin with a business
  • The importance of being responsive and proactive in building customer relationships

And more

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