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5 Lighting Trends Every Electrician Needs to Know in 2024

March 8, 2022

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Human beings only seem to get the importance of proper lighting when they are drenched in the dark. Light is an incredible invention of humanity, through which multiple discoveries are happening to date.

Whether inside or outside, proper lighting can help portray things properly. The lighting business is one of the most sought-after in the current market. As time goes by, people always look forward to contemporary designs in their homes; as a customer or as an electrical contractor keeping yourself up to date with the current trends is an essential and flagrant task. I am stealing a few minutes of your time to give you a little brush-up on top lighting trends.

Things to remember while lighting a home

When it comes to lighting the home, you should be aware of the dos and don’ts. This knowledge will make it easier for you to suggest the right set of lighting for your customer’s home.

Never over-do

Don’t go overboard while making a lighting plan for the home. For instance, a beach house may require a completely different lighting plan when compared to a farmhouse. Study the property and understand what it needs. Think of what you will do if you are in this house. Evaluate the lighting all rooms might need day and night, suggest the lighting fixtures accordingly- put a dimmer in every interior if possible!

Always mix things up

Confusion leads to a flawed conclusion at times. The lighting trends are ever-evolving. If you have an idea about a mix of home décor lighting and believe that things might go well together, trust your gut and go ahead with the plan.

Before implementing changes, discuss it in detail with your customer and give them an insight into what you are trying to achieve. Consult the lighting technology and products you want to use with the customer and get their approvals beforehand.

Automate lighting

Fumbling for the switch in the dark is something we hate doing. Using smart lighting fixtures in places like the garage, pantry, and hallway is a great idea. Today, lighting fixtures can be connected with smart devices like Alexa and Google Home to switch on and off lights at a moment’s notice. Using energy-efficient lighting with an elegant fixture like motion sensors turns off the light once the door is closed.

Place power sockets carefully

Placing the power points at proper locations is essential. Customers would always request you for power sockets to be discreet and not in plain sight. Be practical, and always remember that hidden power sockets in a hallway or dining room might become a hindrance. If a customer is demanding hidden points, gently let them know the difficulties they’ll face while trying to access a hidden power socket.

Keep up with the trend

The lighting market is getting crowded with new options every week. The current lighting trend is products with Bluetooth operation, enabling customers to operate their light fixtures using their mobile phones. These lighting options don’t require a centralized electronic unit, like the C-Bus control and management system.

Though people would be interested in using the newly available products in the market, remember to validate the quality of the products. Select the right technology for home electrical circuits—lighting technology, LED products, and lighting fixtures that are best in the market.

Pick a perfect location for the control panel

The control panel of the house is the heart of a home. Consult your customer on where they want the control panels—heating and cooling, lighting, and home security—accommodating them in a closer place for easy access.

Discuss the budget with your customer

Always make sure that you don’t burn a hole in your customer’s pocket with your lighting budget. For instance, your customer may demand a sound system in a playroom, a home theater, or crystal lighting in the staircase. But, it is always better to check what the working budget is before you jump headfirst and start fulfilling those demands.

In the long run, it would benefit you and your customers to have a clear discussion on the available budget; it can help validate the expectations and reality of lighting and light fixture prices.

Comply with the code

Being an electrician, you need to stay on the right side of the law. Some neighborhoods may have restrictions on what lighting trends you can use. When it comes to commercial properties, there may be stringent norms that need to be abided by. So, whenever you are contracted to light up a customer’s home or office, take measures to learn about the local electrical codes of conduct.

Hot lighting trends in 2022

Lighting trends are ever evolving. A new trend pops up every day. While there are a ton of trends that are gaining popularity, here are some lighting trends that caught our eye as we were researching for this blog.

The bigger, the better

The bigger it is, the more it stands out in the crowd. The same goes for the light fixtures as well. Imagine getting yourself a masterpiece for your living room or dining room, making people’s jaws drop. An eyecatcher is what a giant chandelier is. However, following the same trend in every room may come out too cliched. So, keep things unique and don’t go overboard.

The smarter, the easier

Nowadays, people demand that every piece of equipment must be smart. There are an array of intelligent lighting options available in the market to fulfill your customer’s smart lighting needs. You can not only change the brightness and color of the lighting to suit your mood, you can also set schedules for your lights.

The brighter, the cozier

The staircase of any house is what attracts most people. Of late, people have started lighting up their staircases and they go in grand as well. These staircase lightings bring out the beauty of your home and make it more cozier-looking.

The simpler, the grander

There are times when you would want to go all out and jazz up a customer’s home lighting. However, sometimes, the minimalist lighting trend and its subtle lighting bring out a regal look in a room. This year, the customers seem to be going ga-ga over simplest lighting trends like indirect lighting.

The basic, the consistent

Rational usage of space with a retro lighting design is not only practical but it is also easy on the eye. This trend has been lurking around for quite some time but the fad has not died out. Retro lighting fixtures will give an unrealistic and ultra-modern finish to your customer’s home.


In addition to keeping up with the lighting trends, the quality of service you provide is equally important. Delivering exemplary service will gain you a loyal customer base. As you get busy bringing these lighting trends to life, we at Zuper can help make your life easy.

Zuper’s electrical contractor software helps you streamline scheduling, simplify job management, automate invoicing, estimate delivery, and deliver exceptional customer service. Tired of managing schedules on spreadsheets? Give Zuper’s scheduling interface a try and how hassle-free your life can be.


Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran
Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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