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Carmen Williams
September 14, 2022
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In an increasingly automated world, sticking with a manual process for managing your field service business can cost time and money and impede your ability to be competitive. It impacts your operational oversight and slows down how you respond to the needs of your customers. Adopting a digital solution that has a centralized database has been shown to lower costs for certain tasks by up to 98% and raise employee productivity by 30%.

A particularly powerful advantage of going digital is that it transforms how you manage work orders. Streamlined work order management brings greater operational efficiency, exceptional customer experience, and increased employee productivity and retention.

At the heart of the Zuper field service management solution is the work order management capability.

Work Order Management Defined

A work order management suite allows for preventive maintenance in how you run your business and automation around your scheduling, employee administration and asset tracking. You add, track, and maintain all jobs in a single location. Your team oversees work orders of all types and sizes with ease, schedules services faster and dispatches field personnel with complete oversight around their time and work order progress.

Let’s look at some illustrations of what’s possible with work order management.

Rather than having your swimming pool tech in the field manually record their work minutes for a job, they clock in and out easily on the mobile app and their minutes are recorded automatically in the log.

Before your solar field tech can change the job status on a final inspection for an array, they must complete a mandated checklist that ensures integrity of the system.

The foreman for your landscaping business automatically generates work orders and is able to create, store and retrieve the most updated information about customer location, preferences and job status.

The COO for your roofing company can analyze work order data on jobs for an entire year to identify operational inefficiencies and diagnose ways to increase customer adoption and company profitability.

All team members of your HVAC company, including your back-office, engineers, and technicians, coordinate their communications instantaneously so they can offer a superior customer experience.

The Power of Work Order Management with Zuper

The Work Order Management module of Zuper’s Field Service Management solution helps deliver quality service to your customers and increases staff productivity from the initial service request to the electronically signed service report and beyond.

Here are four ways the module can bolster your field service business.

Streamlined job creation and processing life cycle with visibility and automation

Team members can add, track, maintain and close work orders of all types and statuses in one place. Initial adoption of the system is simple since you’re able to configure your work order process in minutes to match your existing workflow and terminology. Your back-office can even devise an automated preventative maintenance plan that accounts for recurring work orders to maximize asset value.

Comprehensive asset and field tech management in the field and at the office

Team members can efficiently manage assets, quickly gaining access to information about particular equipment and allocating inventory more effectively. Our real time location tracking allows dispatch to always track your team while the newly enhanced Job Level Time Log enables field techs to clock in and out of a job from the field. With the mobile Zuper Pro app, field techs can use job assignment notifications, job status updating, new job creation, notes and multimedia attachments, and work schedule management.

Newly enhanced job checklist capabilities for full quality assurance

Users can employ checklists to collect necessary job details and maintain job quality. The checklists are fully customizable with a simple drag and drop system that has multiple predefined components or free text response options to capture all needed job specifications. You can also mandate a checklist before a user can change the status of a job.

Seamless communication for customers and employees

Your back-office and techs in the field enjoy instant communication with one another, sending and receiving job updates and alerts in real time or on a schedule. Customers receive automated notifications and alerts via texts and emails about job and technician arrival status. These can include predefined content that make for efficient communication and consistency around messaging.

Work order management is essential for any field service business. It optimizes your operations by minimizing confusion, miscommunication, and inefficiencies through automation and complete visibility about how jobs are executed.

The end result?

Field techs can better focus on the job at hand, office staff is freed up to devote themselves to critical tasks, and customers get the best service possible. And, of course, your business enjoys exponential profitability and growth.

If you're looking to streamline your field service business and improve profitability, contact Zuper today. We can help you configure a work order management system that makes sense for your business and helps you achieve your goals.

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