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Announcing Series A Funding: Investing In Zuper’s Innovative Product Design

January 21, 2022

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Major developments are in Zuper’s future thanks to FUSE, along with Sequoia Capital India, HubSpot Ventures, and our seed investor Prime Venture Partners. Zuper raised a $13 million Series A funding round after a year of substantial growth.

In 2021, Zuper saw its Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) grow 7x from the previous year and reached 140% Net Revenue Retention. So, what does that mean for you? It means we’ve served enough service businesses to know what a field service management solution needs to do, and we value delivering a product our customers stand behind.

“The strategic bet we made on Zuper has paid significant dividends in improved productivity and utilization of our field workforce.” – George Ginis, CTO of Sail Internet

The infusion of capital will allow Zuper to continue to innovate an already category-leading field service management solution that has helped hundreds of service businesses improve their operations and grow their customer base.

If your field service management solution isn’t exceeding your expectations, or if you’re still using a legacy work process, we invite you to try Zuper.

Move away from outdated, inefficient spreadsheet scheduling

If you’re still managing scheduling and work orders using an array of spreadsheets, your operation needs an upgrade. With Zuper, making the switch to digital is easy. Zuper has helped businesses complete more than 3 million work orders across an array of service industries, including HVAC, landscaping, roofing, home repair, internet providers, solar solutions and other home service provider businesses that depend on a reliable and accessible field service management system.

By transitioning to a digital solution, you eliminate the need for your employees to make unnecessary trips to the office. Instead, they get instant access to route plans and project details from wherever they are—no more wasted back and forth!  Zuper saves your technicians 20 hours per week that they can use to take on more work, decreasing your customer’s wait time.

Plus, Zuper boasts real-time location and geo-tagging, so there’s no need for time-consuming check-in phone calls or wondering if your technician is still working on their last job. You can quickly check the status and update customers as needed.

And Zuper understands that technicians don’t need more equipment to carry, so everything your employee needs to complete work orders is available directly in the mobile app.

Introduce customers to service they’ll love

With Zuper’s easy-to-approve quotes, your leads become customers with one tap in the mobile app. Conveniently, all the estimate details auto-populate once you convert the quote into a job. Every step from the first contact through the job completion connects uninterrupted within Zuper to not only save you time but prevent frustrations that come from lost documents and delayed response times.

Printing, scanning, and tracking paper job estimates, and invoices is a chore. Zuper takes these tasks and streamlines the process into a few easy clicks—removing the need to store loads of paper copies.

If you’re worried going digital will take away the personal touch—fear not. Zuper lets you create custom templates for your jobs to build your brand and customer loyalty. In fact, improving operational efficiency has increased customer satisfaction for Zuper customers by more than 50%.

Manage workloads without hiccups and delays

Many field management services require you to use a patchwork system to manage jobs. Instead, Zuper integrates with over 50 of the apps you’re already using to create one comprehensive, consolidated system.

When each piece of the workflow connects to the next, you save countless hours of copying and pasting information from one platform to the other. Integrating your technology ensures nothing falls through the cracks because someone forgot a step in the disconnected process.

Zuper integrates with popular apps like:

  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • QuickBooks
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho
  • Field Nation
  • Twilio
  • Survey Monkey

But Zuper doesn’t stop at integrations because what’s a field service management solution without best-in-class automation and analytics?

Field service management is a juggling act, with new leads coming in sometimes faster than jobs are completed. Automations help you track the progression of each customer and alert you to critical upcoming changes like expiring contracts so you can get rid of those pesky notes on your calendar!

Our goal is to help you run your business more efficiently. Zuper’s analytics and reporting capabilities support your objectives by tracking KPIs with over 20 pre-defined reports at your fingertips for tracking job statuses, customer feedback, and even employee metrics like timesheets.

In 2021, we released over 250 new features to respond to industry demand and customer feedback. And, in 2020, when the service industry needed a rapid response to COVID restrictions, we quickly released Zuper COVID compliance pack to ensure our customers stayed safe and compliant.

Today we’re more committed than ever to innovation that will serve Zuper customers through the continued shift from on-site to on-demand digital field service management. Thanks to our valued investors, we’re confident Zuper will continue to grow as an industry leader.

Read more Zuper customer success or schedule a demo today!


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