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Do You Know the Benefits of Real-Time Location Tracking Software?

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Imagine this—you have sent a technician to a customer’s location, and that same customer calls wanting to know the technician’s whereabouts. What will the back-office team do? Without a location tracking app, the customer will be kept on hold until the team gets the required info, or the customer will be given an approximate ETA (expected arrival time).

However, with real-time location tracking through an app, this situation is very different. Your team has a variety of information at their fingertips that they can provide the caller; your back-office team can determine: the time technician will visit the customer’s place, where he is currently working, and the technician’s current ETA. And it does not end here. To learn more about the benefits of real-time location tracking, continue reading.

Benefits of real-time location tracking software

Once you start using location tracking software you will never want to go back. The anxiety of not knowing where people are or when to expect them will be dramatically reduced as you are able to field these questions for not only yourself but also customers calling in for an update. Location tracking software gives you the power to stay connected with your field staff and makes sure that you always have the most up-to-date information.

What more can you expect from the location tracking app?

Track the real-time location of employees

Having to make multiple calls to determine a technician’s location should not happen these days; we should be well past that. By installing a location tracking system on mobile phones and tablets, finding out your technician’s location should be a breeze—your customers should no longer have to wait on hold while you call a tech in the field; you can answer the question quickly and efficiently. “The tech looks like they are already en route, they should be there soon.”

With Zuper’s real-time location tracking app, you can monitor all your employee’s whereabouts from the back office. And here is the best part; it runs only during working hours, so it will not interfere with the personal life of your employees. The app strictly adheres to the business hours you input for that employee.

Learn about job details and updates

Further, during business hours, technicians will handle multiple jobs. Keeping your in-house team up to date on every project each time a change is made is unmanageable—without software to help you do it. But with Zuper’s mobile app, it becomes so much easier.

With automated workflow, you have remote access to job schedules, which gives your back office team the freedom to:

  • Look up the entire work log
  • Geo-fence a customer’s location
  • Look up the geo-tagged work-order
  • Drag-drop an emergency work relay
  • Send ETA alerts to customers

Know employee’s availability for the day

Before assigning any priority job, knowing the availability of technicians is essential. For instance, desk staff assigning a high-priority job should be aware of technician availability. Manually checking in every time is not feasible—it is too burdensome. But if you give your team the benefit of field tracking software it changes everything. Now, your technicians can clock in on the road, and your desk staff can check their availability remotely.

Regarding field tracking software, Zuper’s field service management software can handle things effortlessly for your desk staff. They can:

  • Check the technicians available for scheduling based on geo-fencing
  • Check for absenteeism for the day
  • Check the technicians working overtime
  • Check the next available technician to schedule a high-priority job

Send automated alerts to customers

Evolving technology has created high expectations for customers. ‘Need to know’ has become a three-word mantra in the service industry. Customers want to be updated on the technician’s arrival time, time of service, and the scheduled technician details.

But how do you address this need? Manually sending messages is not the solution; you would be sending them all the time. It is something that you need to automate, and fortunately, the technology for that exists—location tracking software.

The location tracking app helps meet your customer’s needs by sending automated alerts including details about the technician as well as their ETA. The real-time location tracking app allows your technicians to geo-fence their locations and send updates to customers.

Completely automated payment method

Field technicians are accountable for the money they earn in the field. You are going to waste a lot of time if you have to call a tech to find out payment details. But again, this is something that software can do for you.Zuper’s location tracking application can not only take payment information for you, but do it well. A technician in the field can initiate an online payment, create immediate invoices, and settle the cost—all from one mobile application.


For a company to work, everything should work together well—and that is impossible if people are not on the same page and systems are not talking with each other. For field service companies to perform, a balance between in-house teams and field technicians needs to be found. Communication lines need to be established and bridges between the two teams built.

Location tracking in field service management software is that bridge. Implementing location tracking will allow you to run a more efficient and economical field service company. The technology for employee tracking and communication has revolutionized the industry. Give the free trial option of Zuper a try to get this revolutionary experience.

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