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The Complete List of Commercial Pool Cleaning Tools and Equipment

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Pool cleaning is one of the most upcoming businesses, with a comfortable profit margin. As the business is booming, a pool cleaner is obligated to make ends meet with technological advancements. In any line of business, you are bound to adopt the technologies that are good for business.

While advanced tools are not needed in many cases, in the end, you may find yourself acknowledging that they can be useful. Neglecting the advances made technologically because you didn’t use them previously allows not only an opportunity for an increased error rate but will predictably hurt your bottom line.

When it comes to commercial goods, there are a variety of pool commodities to choose from. But don’t make the mistake of investing in more of these than you need. Cluttering your inventory with more options than necessary will just lead to indecision when trying to decide what to use and what to leave on the shelf. Buy only what you need. It will make the decision-making process of what to take to appointments much easier.

Commercial pool cleaning tools

Here is a list of the commercial tools pool cleaners should have in their cleaning inventory for maintenance.

Manual pool cleaners


Pool brushes are used to remove all the residue which your automatic pool cleaners missed while cleaning. An automatic cleaner cannot clean the walls or floors of your pool as effectively as a brush. Brushing the pool will remove dirt buildup, and stop algae growth in the water. An essential addition to your kit carrying various kinds of brushes—stainless steel brushes with nylon bristles for unpainted concrete, stainless steel for gunite, and nylon bristles for fiberglass, and vinyl concrete.


Significant debris can accumulate over time. Leaves, sticks, twigs, etc., all accumulate on the surface of the pool. Cleaning this debris with a skimmer net helps extend the life of filters. Trash can be prevented from choking your vacuum by using a basket skimmer while cleaning the pool. Make sure to carry skimmers with you when answering a service call.

Discharge hose

Discharge hoses come in various lengths. Sometimes, you might need shorter or longer ones; a simple miscalculation of carrying an incorrect length hose will lead to pulling your vehicle much further into the driveway to avoid flooding the backyard. Make sure to take an appropriately sized hose with you when answering a service call; with the variety of lengths available in the market, there is no excuse to use the wrong one.

Leaf rakes

Debris in your pool from leaves, twigs, and grass clippings can clog the whole system at any time. Using a leaf rake is a quick fix for this. Make sure you are carrying this useful hand tool in your service kit.

Telescopic poles

The technician uses telescopic poles for the long poles, enabling them to stretch farther and reach hard-to-reach areas. The end of these poles is designed to attach skimmers and leaf nets, making them versatile tools to help you complete your work.

Automated pool cleaners

Automated pool cleaners are the best when it comes to cleaning the pool’s depths. With little physical work, you can have these things done entirely trouble-free.

Automatic pool cleaner

An automatic pool cleaner makes your job easier. You need not drain the pool while cleaning it; your pool cleaner can do all the in-depth cleaning work. Having your truck loaded with the right bunch of these cleaners will make your job easier. These pool cleaners don’t require much power to run, and you can haul them without much trouble. The minimum time taken varies from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of the pool. You can go ahead with other jobs around the pool while the pool cleaner is doing their job.

Suction pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are the best in the market with a bit of investment. Having this will stop you from using your leaf racks more often. Though a suction pool cleaner can remove all the debris from the pool, you will need to clean the pool filter entirely after using this cleaning method. You can use this for pools with minimal or no dirt at the bottom.

Pressure pool cleaners

A bit costlier than suction cleaners but not so expensive as automatic cleaners, the pressure pool cleaner is also an excellent addition to your pool business. They make your job easy by extracting the pressure from outside and removing all the dirt from the pool. They also come in with a detachable cleaning filter that collects all the dirt from the pool without damaging the original pool flora.

Testing the pool

Chemical stabilization of your pool is equally essential as physical cleaning of the pool. Adding the right amount of chemicals to stabilize your pool is vital to cleaning it properly. Testing the pH levels, chlorine, and alkalinity of the pool are all necessary.

Pool testing tools

The pool testing tools that exist on the market are:

  1. Water testing strips – This is one of the in-house methods used to determine the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity.
  2. Liquid water testing kit – This kit has an added feature compared to a water testing kit. This kit can perform a variety of chemical tests compared to testing strips and has a longer shelf-life; making this a more go-to method.
  3. Digital pool testers – A more advanced technique of water testing that has a longer shelf life, greater accuracy, and is a good investment for a longer run.

Chemicals pool cleaners

Keeping the right selection of cleaning supplies on hand in your vehicle makes your job much easier.

  1. Adjust sanitizer level – Chlorine level changes in the pool will affect the swimmers. Caution is required while adding chlorine to your pool as a minor increase can cause drastic changes in the chlorine level.
  2. Cyanuric acid – Cyanuric acid needs to be added to your pool to ensure that the sanitizers you are adding to the pool do not evaporate due to UV rays from exposure to the sun.
  3. pH stabilizers – With prolonged usage, the pH level changes; stabilizing it is crucial for the pool spa. Keep in mind to always re-stock your vehicles when you are short on anything.
  4. Algicide – Carrying an algicide tablet is always helpful in times of crisis. Pools always tend to accumulate algae growth over a while.


Apart from all the physical products you carry in your vehicle, opting for digital methods of pool maintenance is also a smart move. By going digital, you could save yourself the necessity to pick up the call every time a customer call in to check your availability.

We at Zuper can provide you with scheduling and maintenance software to help simplify your job. Use our digital app to build a good rapport with your customers by getting their feedback.

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