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Elevate Your Customer Experience Through Completed Service Work

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“Completed service work” is a core tenet of Zuper’s Head of Field Service Evangelism Michael Israel’s philosophy of exceptional service.

In short, is your team going above and beyond for your customers?

Simply sticking to the status quo is no longer enough to win the loyalty of your customers. You have to instill a culture of service in your workforce so that customer outcomes become the priority, and then you have to have the operations in place to support the goal.

Empowering and equipping your workforce with the mindset and tools they need enables them to become your greatest brand ambassadors.

Once you adopt the “completed service work” concept and set up your operations to facilitate it, you need to know how to elevate it and make it fit your business needs. Here, you will discover how to optimize your services through advancements in data, analytics, and platform integration.

Build a Best-of-Breed System

Once you have established your operations, it is time to refine your systems. While it used to be acceptable to have a singular best-of-breed software, you now have to have a connected best-of-breed system.

What does that mean?

A single platform can only go so far on its own. To work efficiently, you need to connect all of your vital platforms, creating a bridge from one price of your tech stack to another.

The best way to accomplish this is through integration, like Zuper and HubSpot.

Instead of having a best-of-breed field service management platform, and an independently operated best-of-breed CRM, you gain a connected best-of-breeds customer experience system.

Then, you gain a system that pulls the best parts of each platform and utilizes them in another area of your business—from sales to service, service to support, and everywhere in between.

Share Vital Data

Beyond the ease of use, an integrated system provides, your workforce gains knowledge they did not previously have.

By shifting your field service, sales, and support teams away from operating as separate entities, you allow them to share customer details from every touchpoint.

When your field service technician is scheduled for an appointment, they can review the customer information already collected by your sales representatives and know precisely what the job requires. It sets the technician up like the professional they are in the eyes of your customers.

But it does not stop there.

By integrating your support as well, you can set up feedback loops so you can always get ahead of customer concerns. For example, if you receive multiple concerns about a new technician, you can introduce immediate training to resolve the discrepancy before it becomes a deficiency.

Throughout the customer life cycle, the data continues to collect and cross over so that no one ever needs to request the same information twice—improving the customer experience dramatically.

An integrated system allows you to identify bottlenecks and opportunities you may have missed using disconnected platforms.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

You must use your data to implement a “completed service work” approach effectively.

Your data is essentially your customers’ way of telling you what they want–and do not want–from your business.

Not every customer will give you concrete feedback, but data does not lie.

Let’s say you implement a new workflow and instantly see your customer retention rate drop. Then you know you need to go back to the drawing board.

Data-driven decision-making helps you refine your operations based on proven customer feedback, so you no longer have to waste time and money testing assumptions.

First, you must ensure you can quickly and accurately gather and review your critical data.

For example, Zuper provides users with a series of predefined reports that can be pulled up in seconds, and it also allows you to configure custom reports based on your specific needs. Then, you can effortlessly search and filter your data to find exactly what you want.

Once you have data you understand how to use, you can begin to look for shifting trends and patterns that need your attention.

Plus, a data-driven approach allows you to spot areas where you can add value to your services.

Deploy Predictive Launching

Businesses are regularly expanding their service offerings. But it is often a trial-and-error process, but it does not have to be.

Though the service workflow is new to you, it might be the first and only interaction a customer has with your business. So, it needs to be as refined as possible from the get-go.

In other words, how can you be proactive instead of reactive?

You want to sit down and map out the details like:

  • What technicians are qualified to deliver the service?
  • Will technicians need additional training?
  • Is the service suited for every customer or only specific segments?
  • Do you have all the tools and materials you need?
  • How much time will the service take to complete?
  • Have you updated your scheduling team, so they know how much time to block out for the service?
  • Do you have a workflow and checklist ready?
  • Do you have the right automation and integrations set up?
  • Have you completed a test run of the service?

Once you have identified any needs or potential hiccups, you are better equipped to deliver a superior customer experience from day one.

Elevate Your Service and Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience is a great differentiator. Even if you have the best product, it is your service and support that drive success.

You cannot buy the value you get from word-of-mouth referrals. Your customers’ loyalty to your business is the best marketing tool. So, you need a system that allows your team to deliver “completed service work.”

When it comes to flexibility and customization, Zuper’s field service management platform goes above and beyond. Zuper empowers you to customize your workflows using robust integrations, automation, advanced analytics, and reporting.

Elevating your services to bolster your company’s relationship with customers is more important than ever, and Zuper is here to help you do just that.

This post was inspired by Zuper FM’s Expanding Completed Service Work: How to Elevate the Customer Service Experience with David Nour. Listen here now.

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