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Garage Door Repair Cost vs. Replacement: Everything You Need to Know

February 8, 2022

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As winter subsides and spring starts to take hold, you’ll undoubtedly have to face some repair work around the house. From cracked frozen pipes and garage door repairs to lawns that need to be maintained before the grass starts growing again, the number of repairs that you’ll be required to do in and around the house will often be numerous and immediate.

But garage door repairs are arguably one of the most important repairs that you’ll want to do. Your garage is something that you’ll be using every day to start your workday. Some of the most common fixes on garage doors are fixing locks, replacing sensors and tracks, fixing opening and closing problems, and replacing garage door cables.

What is the cost to fix garage doors?

Garage doors vary in size, style and ultimately, the garage door repair cost will change accordingly. But you can expect to pay an average of $200 if you live in an independent house while commercial buildings can expect to pay around $250. People living in apartment buildings can expect to pay around $220. They can also vary depending on the style of garage doors you’ve installed.

Garage door styles

Depending on which type of garage door you have, the repair cost and complexity may vary. Single Roll-up garage doors and single-tile up garage doors are the most affordable types of repairs, while if you have custom roll-up doors and doors made with solid wood, you can expect to pay a pretty penny.

If you have one of the more expensive models of garage doors, your repair & replacement costs are naturally going to be more expensive. The materials and parts for garage doors are usually made by the manufacturer of the door you bought.

Replacement cost for garage door openers

Most garage doors are pre-fitted with garage door openers to make life easier. But as does everything, they tend to fail and give out every so often, which is when they need to be replaced. On the good side, these are some of the cheapest repairs when it comes to garage doors, so you won’t find these repairs burning a hole in your wallet.

Garage door pulley repair cost

Garage door pulleys are also relatively cheap, wherein they can cost anywhere from 12 to 70 dollars, depending on the type and model of pulley used in your particular garage door installation. Another thing to note is the cost of labor.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 50-60 dollars for labor when asking a technician to make these repairs, apart from the costs required for replacing parts.

Garage door torsion spring repair cost

Torsion springs vary in price range, from $40 to $100 per spring, usually dependent on the size.

If you’ve got two springs on your door, then most professionals would advise that you replace both of them at the same time, which immediately doubles the cost for this particular repair. Most torsion springs that you can buy online are rated for around 10,000 open and close cycles. If one of your springs is broken, then it’s better to replace both of them at the same time.

Garage door openers, their types, and replacement costs

Based on what types of garage doors and springs you’ve installed, your garage door installation technician would have made a choice on what garage door opener to install. Garage door openers have a specific weight limit that varies between different types, so getting something that doesn’t support your particular garage door can cause the door to break and be rendered inoperable. So be careful that you choose a garage door opener that is rated for your specific use case and weight.

Garage door opener maintenance, how much can I expect to spend?

Before we get into how much it can cost, make sure that you are performing some basic servicing of the tracks of the garage doors, since that can easily improve the longevity of doors. If they are squeaking, you will need to lubricate them with grease.

Garage door opener remote replacement cost

Remotes can be had for cheap, with the average pricing revolving around 15-25 dollars for a new remote. But before you toss out your old remote, replace the existing batteries in it and see if the batteries have died, which can also make a huge difference in the cost you end up paying to keep your garage door remote functional.

Total garage door replacement cost

You can expect to pay around $270 on the low end for a single door, and over $2000 for double doors. But realistically, your cost will be somewhere in the middle, costing more around $1000-1100 for a full garage door replacement. Not only does this include the price of the doors themselves, but also new tracks, and new connectors.

The total average cost to install a new garage door

Most garage door installations can revolve around $860. If you have a relatively low-end garage door, you can expect to spend less than that. But if you have a higher-end door, then you can expect to spend around $1080 dollars.

When installing a new garage door, technicians will mostly be required to perform three major tasks,

1. Wiring and electrical installation

2. Disposal of the old door

3. The heavy lifting of new parts

Although it can seem tempting to do it all yourself after watching a YouTube video, don’t skimp on the installation costs and have it done by a professional. Not only is it a lot easier for you, but you can trust the professionals to do all of the checks, and proper procedures necessary to ensure the door is in proper working order and the electricals are wired properly.


With the prices listed above, you can see that garage door replacement can vary drastically when it comes to cost. If you have affordable doors installed already, then the costs shouldn’t be as expensive. But the best thing to do to reduce the amount of money required to maintain your garage doors is to ensure they are lubricated and cared for well before they need seasonal maintenance.

Get a technician to inspect your doors if you find them operating slowly or making loud unnatural noises. You’ll find that good preventive maintenance can make the cost of repairs a lot cheaper than having to replace parts every now and then.



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