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HubSpot Sales Hub Joins Zuper’s Lineup of Premier IntegrationsHubSpot Sales Hub Joins Zuper’s Lineup Of Premier Integrations

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If you’re ready to maximize your sales and field service operations, look no further than Zuper’s newest integration with HubSpot.

After excellent results from our HubSpot Service Hub integration, we’re pleased to announce that you can now connect Zuper to HubSpot Sales Hub. The Zuper + HubSpot integrations join our comprehensive field service management software to an industry-leading sales and service hub—creating one powerful customer experience.

The Power of Integrating With HubSpot Sales Hub

Where other field service management software options try to go alone, Zuper knows how important it is for your teams to have cohesive functionality across the tools they use daily. That’s why we offer the best integrations in the industry to create custom workflows that increase productivity by up to 40%.

Are you ready to find out how? Let’s look at a few ways the HubSpot Sales Hub integration works with Zuper to improve efficiency.

On-the-Spot Scheduling

Your sales team works hard to cultivate a customer relationship with leads. Then, when the customer is finally ready to book a service, they get transferred to another department to finalize the details—causing frustration for the new customer.

But what if your sales team could book the customer from the same software they’ve been managing leads instead?

Through Zuper’s integration with HubSpot Sales Hub, your sales team can quickly view available technicians and time slots to schedule new customers immediately. Thus, eliminating the risk of customers getting distracted or changing their minds before scheduling their service.

Everything in One App

Additionally, an integrated workflow means no longer wasting time bouncing from one software to the next to copy and paste customer information. Or, worse, scheduling and dispatching technicians through calls or messages, hoping they have what they need to complete the job.

Once your sales team has added the appointment in HubSpot, job details automatically load in Zuper so that your technicians can quickly view the customer name and address, appointment time, and any other important notes about the project.

Moreover, the job details sync to the mobile app, so even if your technicians are on the road when there’s a new appointment added, they get notified immediately with an alert from the Zuper App.

Unified Workforce

Sales is the first customer touchpoint, so that’s who customers often contact when they have service questions. But unfortunately, many times, the sales team can’t answer those questions without reaching out to your field technicians.

With the HubSpot integration, though, your sales team can see where the technician is in real-time, what steps they took to complete the job and any other need-to-know information from the job record.

Even better, technicians can add notes, photos, and videos to the appointment record, and the technicians’ entry is available from within HubSpot. When all your teams, from sales and support to field technicians, can seamlessly share data, there’s no need to interrupt productive workflows.

Simplified Sales

A well-informed sales team opens up new revenue opportunities. When your sales team has a meticulous record of services to reference, it encourages them to follow up with customers to suggest the next best steps.

Using the details provided by your technician, your sales team isn’t guessing what your customer still needs. Instead, they can follow up to create a customized customer experience that increases loyalty and lifetime value—even if you have an ever-growing base of customers, like TRIM Landscaping.

Case Study: TRIM Landscaping Uses Zuper + HubSpot to Expand and Scale

Eager to capture more of the market, TRIM Landscaping wanted to expand its services nationally. However, its former field service management software had limited capabilities, and it took too much time to fill the gaps in its workflows manually.

TRIM Landscaping knew it had to improve its operations, and finding a comprehensive field service management software was the first step. The company needed a new field service management software that:

  • Automated scheduling and dispatching to eliminate confusion and delays
  • Supported custom workflows to increase productivity
  • Featured a user-friendly app to communicate and update project details on the road

That’s why TRIM Landscaping chose Zuper.

Not only did Zuper deliver all the field service management tools they needed – from scheduling and workflows to invoice and payment management – but Zuper integrated with a leading sales and customer service software — HubSpot.

The Zuper and HubSpot integration automated communication between TRIM Landscaping’s sales, service, and field technicians to create a cohesive experience from start to finish.

If a service technician uploads a photo to the job using the Zuper app, it is populated in HubSpot, so TRIM Landscaping’s sales team doesn’t have to waste time contacting field service technicians with questions.

Plus, the Zuper and HubSpot Sales Hub integration eliminated the need for time-consuming manual workarounds for things like dispatching that TRIM Landscaping’s previous software required.

Now, TRIM Landscaping can confidentially scale its services, knowing that Zuper + HubSpot can handle even the most challenging project workflows and continue delivering a superior experience.

And connecting Zuper to HubSpot Sales Hub can help your business do the same. Are you a current Zuper and HubSpot customer and want to know more? Discover all the features the integration has to offer.

Not yet a HubSpot customer? Create your account.

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