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Customer Support: Best Practices for Your Cleaning Business

November 24, 2020

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As a cleaning business owner, providing great customer support is critical to your success. Offering outstanding customer service can help you build long-lasting relationships with your clients and set you apart from the competition.

In this post, we’ll discuss some best practices for providing customer support in your cleaning business. We’ll cover everything from making it on time to handling complaints effectively. By following these tips, you can ensure that your clients are happy with the services they receive and that they keep coming back to you!

Customer support—the buzzword in every business

Businesses strive for one thing—aim for customer satisfaction with their product offerings. To keep your customers happy, you need to offer world-class customer support and strive hard for a positive, if not delightful, customer experience.

Customer-centric businesses focus on ordinary people and put immense effort into customer support. Cabs and restaurants have customer support agents. Travel companies have customer support on the web, social media, and dedicated teams to handle new requests and complaints. It’s everywhere. Cleaning businesses should be no different. It is essential to have a customer support team that can understand customer problems and answer their questions.

Cleaning companies need to ensure that their agents did a great job keeping the customers’ places clean and well organized. A poor job will result in a bad customer experience—you don’t want that.

Make it on time—every time!

Cleaning companies should ensure that their cleaning crews are punctual and adhere strictly to time. Coming late can impact the client, who might be on a very tight schedule. Going the extra mile and arriving five minutes early can go a long way in helping customer satisfaction.

Ensure that you do a great job on your task

Always have a friendly demeanour and assist the customer with any task. Whether the sink was clogged or carpets stained, talk to the customer to understand what happened and what caused it. Remember, you are the doctor for the house. When a customer panics, reassure them and try to calm them down. If you can still fix it on this visit, let them know; keep them informed.

Earn trust

If you cannot fix the problem within a particular timeframe, be upfront and ask the customer for more time to sort the issue. Communicate what went wrong and what you are doing to resolve it.

Apologize—even if it’s not your fault!

Be courteous and apologize to your owners even if it’s not your fault in case of a misunderstanding or any small mistake. It is not wrong, and you don’t lose out on anything. In fact, you gain more customers by providing the right experience. Say sorry wherever needed.

Empower and kindle interest in your housekeepers to work

Physical work can be strenuous. Ensure that your housekeepers have the right skills and are ready to put their hearts and soul into the work. Cleaning jobs can get increasingly monotonous. Consistently meeting customer expectations and going above and beyond will only happen when you empower your housekeepers with the right incentive programs. Your housekeepers need trust, career growth, and incentives. Most importantly, treat them like family.

Collect feedback every time

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Research shows that a great CSAT score garners 70% more incoming leads. Your doing an excellent job will result in word-of-mouth referrals and great testimonials for above-and-beyond service. Don’t meet expectations and you will have to face hate on Yelp, Twitter, and various platforms.

Ask your customers for timely feedback. Using back-office tools such as Zuper, equipped with customer satisfaction, dramatically reduces the manual workload of collecting sample feedback. After all, who else can judge your work better than your customers?


Following these best practices for providing customer support in your cleaning business will help you build strong relationships with your clients and keep them coming back to you. In addition to being punctual and handling complaints effectively, remember to always show appreciation for your clients’ business. A little goes a long way!

Thanking your clients for their business and showing genuine interest in their satisfaction will set you apart from the competition and solidify you as the go-to source for all of their cleaning needs. Keep an eye on our resources for more helpful tips on running a successful cleaning business; we’ll be sure to update it regularly with new information!


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