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Unleash the Power of Customer Acquisition with the Zuper-Zoho Integration

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Only 20-30% of the qualified leads your sales team connects with will close. This is because customers can now easily evaluate and engage with multiple service businesses online before they commit. So, when a customer says they are ready, you want your sales team to transition from sale to appointment as quickly as possible – or risk losing the customer to a competitor.

Service businesses that equip their sales and service teams with connected platforms streamline their customer experience, improve their customer acquisition, and thus, gain a competitive edge. That is why Zuper partnered with Zoho to create a premium sales-to-service integration.

The Zuper-Zoho integration allows you to:

  • Monitor job progression with improved work order visibility
  • Create and schedule new field service jobs easily from the Zoho platform
  • Automate customer communication to improve their end-to-end experience
  • Improve workforce collaboration and boost overall productivity with advanced automation
















Upgrade Work Order Visibility

Stalled job progression frustrates customers and costs your business revenue. Therefore, it is essential to have a handle on where your deals stand from the moment the sale closes.

Zuper improves your work order visibility so that you can accurately track job progression and quickly identify stalled projects, allowing sales to connect with field service technicians to address any issues.

Plus, Zuper powers your team with customizable workflows and checklists to create a clear path for technicians to follow for each service. These workflows increase your technicians’ productivity, so they can handle as much work as your sales teams can provide.

By giving your sales team the power to oversee job flow directly from the Zoho CRM, you guarantee a managed customer experience. As a result, your customers will always know the next steps and feel confident in your team’s ability to deliver high-end service.

Simplify Scheduling and Dispatching

When sales and service do not operate from integrated solutions, there’s a disconnect in scheduling. For a cohesive experience, your sales team should be able to schedule your customers the moment they sign on for service without transferring them to another representative.

However, your sales team does not have time to comb through complex scheduling software to find the best-fit, available service technician. Instead, they need AI-assisted scheduling and dispatching features that make it easy to assign technicians based on skill set, availability, or location in seconds.

Fortunately, Zuper connected its robust smart scheduling to Zoho so that sales teams have precisely what they need.

When a customer is ready to schedule their field service appointment, all your sales representative has to do is select the customer’s preferred time, and Zuper will list available technicians. Alternatively, sales representatives can schedule based on the technician’s skill set if it is a specialized service, ensuring the right technician is assigned to the job.

So, your entire team will not only share communication details, but also your technicians will receive automated alerts to keep them informed of schedules and other job updates.

Improve Customer Communication

Customers have high communication expectations from the companies they hire. They expect service businesses to keep them updated on scheduling, job progress, and their next steps – and there is no reason not to with the technology available.

When your technicians arrive at the job site, the customers want them to know every interaction they have already had with your business, including conversations with your sales representatives. The Zuper-Zoho integration ensures that your sales and field service team have synced communication that creates the best impression on customers.

Moreover, Zuper sends automated customer communications to make sure that your customers receive ongoing updates. Customers receive automated notifications for job changes, including scheduling and estimated arrival time alerts.

Keeping your customers informed generates confidence in your business and sets the tone for their service experience. A superior customer experience separates your business from your competitors and creates customer loyalty.

Automate Collaboration Between Sales and Service

Sales representatives and field service technicians serve very different roles, but your business only thrives when they work as one team. If your sales and field service workflows become disconnected, it destroys your customer experience. Ultimately, customers will notice a gap in the process, which can break the trust your sales team worked so hard to build.

That is why Zuper and Zoho work together seamlessly. This integration makes it simple for sales and field service to collaborate from the close of the sale to service completion and back again for follow-up services. Collaboration creates the optimum experience for your customers and workforce simultaneously.

Whether it is your sales team updating a customer record or your field service technicians uploading photos and videos from the job site, the information automatically syncs between the platforms.

Additionally, the Zuper and Zoho integration guarantees sales and field service teams have access to the documentation they need and can easily share it with customers. Teams can access quotes, contracts, and invoices from either platform as needed.

Win More Customers with the Zuper-Zoho Integration

Ultimately, connected systems save your sales and field service teams time, allowing them to pursue and serve more customers. By combining Zoho’s powerful CRM platform with Zuper’s customizable FSM platform, you get the power of both without duplicate steps in the workflow. With the Zuper-Zoho integration, you simply:

  1. Create a new Zuper job from within a Zoho deal, automatically populating customer details.
  1. Pick the best date, time, and technician based on the customer’s preferences and technician location – or simply let smart scheduling do its job.
  1. Zuper automatically alerts the field technician of the newly scheduled work order.
  1. Sales and field service teams can manage the entire customer lifecycle from within Zuper and Zoho.
  1. Customers receive automated job status updates via text and email through job completion.

Are you ready to convert more deals to service appointments? Then, schedule your Zuper demo today.

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