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Increase Your New Sales Revenue with Proposals from Zuper

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Whether you are looking to significantly increase your sales revenues or simply make your current sales processes more lucrative, Zuper’s new Proposal feature simplifies the process and enables more customization and flexibility when quoting a new job.

By allowing you to manage multiple items within a package, the Zuper proposals capability will enable you to include assorted options, allowing effortless adjustment of prices or service calculations, and quickly applying discounts. You can create unlimited service packages like bronze, silver, or gold bundles, with a distinct combination of products and services and add them to a proposal.  

The proposal feature is designed to allow you to save time by avoiding back-and-forth negotiations with your customers. This feature will speed up decision-making by providing your customers with a clear picture of the services you are offering. 

Digital Proposal Templates Offer Flexibility at Scale 

Zuper’s new proposal feature is designed to help businesses improve their sales process and win more deals. This feature provides an effective way for the sales teams to highlight products or services using simple yet powerful digital proposal templates. Businesses can easily add multiple items and create bundles that include various products, parts, and services. The proposal feature also ensures accurate estimates by allowing users to view labor rates and material costs, boosting win rates through precise job pricing.  

Zuper goes a step further by optimizing time and resources, allowing users to send proposals with multiple options that include photos, services, and costs. This empowers customers to choose the option that best suits their needs, making their decision-making process more informed and efficient. Zuper also allows you to create customized proposal templates, this allows you to reduce the risk of manual errors and to offer faster service to your customers.  

Improve Customer Offerings with Versatile Packages  

Zuper’s proposal feature is quite versatile and provides you with a myriad of services grouped into different packages that you can offer your customers. This allows you to reduce manual errors and makes creating tasks much more efficient. Listed below, we have three different packages: bronze, silver, and gold. Each package offers various products and services and catering to various customer needs. 

product screen

 What makes it interesting is that you will be able to dial down even more by adding or removing items in the package based on your customer’s needs. You have the option to provide discounts to your customers on service packages, either on the line items or on the total package. This level of customization caters to the diverse demands of your customer base and provides you with a competitive edge.  

Facilitating Side By Side Comparison 

 You can send a proposal to your customer via email, and then they can do a side-by-side comparison to make the most suitable choice for them. 

When your technicians are out in the field, they are the front lines for your business and the first contact that represents your business. When a technician can visually show your customers what they are signing up for with a clear side-by-side comparison, customers can independently assess and compare the available packages, enabling them to select the option that best aligns with their specific needs and preferences.  

 By providing this direct comparison, Zuper enhances the overall customer experience, as clients can more easily make informed decisions. This faster decision-making process streamlines engagement and contributes to higher customer conversion, as customers appreciate the efficiency and convenience of seeing and evaluating package options side by side, saving time for both you and your customers. 

Seamless Transactions Through to Payments  

In the fast-paced world of business, sealing the deal swiftly is crucial. Zuper does not just stop at creating compelling proposals; it transforms the entire process seamlessly. Once your customer accepts a package from the shared proposal, it effortlessly converts into a detailed quote, eliminating any chance of oversight.  

Taking it a step further, the quote can then be seamlessly converted into an invoice. What’s more, you can send this invoice to your customer along with a secure payment link, allowing your customer to make payments with just a click. The customer can choose from an array of payment options including ACH, credit card, or other digital payments. This not only simplifies the transaction process but also eliminates the need for back-and-forth negotiations, significantly reducing the risk of losing a deal. 

Increases Customer Satisfaction Along with Your Revenue 

 Zuper’s Proposal feature offers an innovative way to sell services, making the sales process simpler and easier for customers and employees alike. Zuper enables businesses to create templates, customize packages, and add multiple options that can be compared easily, increasing sales wins.  

Zuper is changing how businesses offer service packages to customers, making it easier to buy and quicker to service. Learn more about Zuper proposals and book a demo with us here 

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