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Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

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If you’re planning on selling your home, your garage is a major factor in assessing the value of the home. Garage door repair is one of the most popular remodeling projects for homes that are looking to be put on the market. Properly repairing or replacing a garage door coupled with regular garage door maintenance can easily improve how much value your home has on the market. With such excellent value, it’s easy to see why homeowners are eager to replace a garage door.

But does your garage door really need a replacement? Sometimes, repairing would be better than replacing. If that’s the case, when do you really know when to choose between repair or replace?

When to repair your garage door

If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door, then your first thought shouldn’t be to replace it. Depending on the problem you’re able to diagnose, it might be more economical to repair it instead of having to replace your garage door. Here are some problems that you can safely assume will need repairs instead of a door replacement.

1. The door stopped working suddenly

Although this might seem like the prime time to replace the door, sudden breakdowns are often easy to diagnose, since the issue is usually isolated in a particular area and not something that’s happened over time.

Check your remote’s batteries and see if they’re dead. If they’re not, then you should probably call in a professional to try and diagnose the issue at hand.

2. Your garage door is dented

A dent on your garage door is mostly an easy fix and doesn’t require a complete replacement. The repair is pretty simple, but you should do it quickly so the repair is as inexpensive as possible. If you ignore the issue for a while, the problem can spread to other panels in the garage door and make it a lot more difficult to fix.

If you end up in a situation where you have to replace multiple panels, then it can be as expensive as replacing the door altogether, so ensure that you have this repair completed as fast as possible.

3. Your garage door feels sluggish and heavy

Garage doors weigh a lot, which is why there are springs and hinge pins to assist your lift mechanism with the weight. Over time, with wear and tear, these springs can wear out and make the garage door feel sluggish and heavy. This is one sign that you may have to replace those springs, which is usually a simple and affordable fix. Just call a professional, have them replace the springs and then balance them to keep your door working like it was new.

4. Your doors are leaning to one side

When your garage door leans to one side, that’s a sign that your garage doors are imbalanced. This puts a lot of strain on your lift mechanism and hastens how quickly the mechanism can die out.

The good news is that the repair is fairly simple. Calling a professional who is experienced with garage door installations and repairs can help you replace your springs and rebalance your doors to remove the strain on your lift mechanism. Even though this seems like a simple job, it’s better to have a professional handle it, since this can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

When to replace your garage door

After a point, there comes a point where repair is no longer the option, and you will have to replace your exterior doors altogether. Here are some signs that you can use to find out if you should remove the door instead of trying to repair it.

1. The door has been inoperable for a while

As we mentioned before, small issues can easily be addressed if they’re caught early on. But as they pile up, they could compound the issue and force you to replace your garage door altogether. Since the garage door is something that’s used so often, these small issues can cause a lot of damage over time.

When this happens, it’s best to replace your garage door, since the cost of the individual repairs can often be a lot more than just outright replacing your garage door altogether.

2. The door is completely damaged

If you had a lot of damage over a short period of time such as radical weather or a tree falling on your door, then a repair might not be enough to fix your problem of a malfunctioning or damaged garage door. Although the number of parts may be the same, the cost of individually repairing and replacing each of those parts becomes a lot more expensive than simply replacing the garage door altogether.

3. The door isn’t equipped for child safety

Modern garage doors have child safety sensors that can immediately stop the door while in motion if they sense a child or pet under the door. The reason why it’s better to replace your garage door over choosing for an after-market installation is that the latter can often be a lot more cost-prohibitive than simply installing a new garage door with these sensors in place.

Another thing to note is that aftermarket installations won’t also come with any guarantee that they’ll work as well as the new door.

4. The door has been in use for a long time

Repairs are great, but if you’re looking to add value to your home at the time of sale, there’s a world of difference between having a brand new door and one that’s been repaired innumerable times. While a coat of paint can make an older door more appealing, it won’t look as modern as the newer designs on the market.

Another thing to note is that new garage doors are also designed with the size of modern vehicles and SUVs in mind. Finally, older garage doors can have their security tampered with a lot easier than newer doors with modern security systems.


The choice between repairing and replacing your garage door can depend on the issue you have on hand. But whatever you choose, you will want to ensure that you have professional help to do those repairs. These repairs and replacements are a lot more complicated than your average home improvements.

Making a mistake with garage door repairs or replacements can lead to wasted effort, incorrect installations, lost money, and even personal injury if you aren’t careful. If you’re unsure of whether your garage door needs a replacement or a simple repair, have a professional come by and do a complete analysis. This way, you can find the most cost-effective option to keep your garage door working for a long time.

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