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Field Service Management: Keep Track of Your Assets and Maintenance Records

November 16, 2022

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Are you a service business or equipment rental company with a field team incorporating a large contingent of technicians working on planned preventative or ongoing maintenance of customer assets and equipment?  Well, chances are, you are struggling to be organized and up to date when fussing with manual processes like spreadsheets. And it is likely, locating and tracking all your assets across locations has become a logistical challenge.

So how can you ensure which assets have been serviced, when to return to the asset, and which parts were replaced or repaired during servicing? Can you determine the model of the asset before you reach the location for servicing? What equipment should you carry with you for servicing that asset efficiently?

Whether your goal is to help your customers reduce asset downtime and maintenance costs, improve service times and customer satisfaction, or to keep track of customers’ assets and history, it is imperative to have a reliable asset management solution in place.

With Zuper’s enterprise asset management module, you will benefit from a comprehensive suite of features to help you track and manage asset details centrally– anywhere and anytime!

You can stay on top of the asset’s location, status, and maintenance history. Use Zuper’s built-in notification system to set up alerts to remind you or the customer when assets are due for service. Which will enable your team to spot problems earlier, prevent unexpected downtime, reduce the cost-of-service visits, and better plan preventive maintenance.

Field service asset management is the process of tracking and monitoring assets efficiently and setting up recurring maintenance tasks based on asset utilization, hours used, or calendar intervals. With Zuper, residential or business organizations can easily keep assets in perfect working condition, control service maintenance costs and warranty, and make sure the services happen on time.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Zuper’s asset tracking solution enables your team to keep track of all your customer assets and helps you serve your customers better. Identify and eliminate ghost assets, associate all known assets with the right customers, and easily convert products into customer assets without wasting time, resulting in increased productivity.

You can assign contracts to all recurring customer assets to ensure you never miss a scheduled maintenance appointment. You can also assign checklists to assets for your technicians to deliver efficient maintenance and repair services during every visit.

1. Capture all the asset information in one place

In the Zuper asset module, you can find essential data points such as brand name, model number, category, serial number, vendor details, purchase date, price, and warranty details. Capture images, files, or any other information while working on assets. You can tailor the asset tracking process to your specific needs with configurable custom fields.

2. Maintain Asset History

Now in just a few clicks within Zuper, you can track asset history and status. For instance, if an asset is moved to a new location or assigned to different technicians, our bar-code-enabled tags can help you keep track of the asset history. Your technicians can access the entire asset history whenever they service the asset.

Thus, they are well aware of the assets’ current condition, which parts to replace, its last service, and other data points. Your teams can easily update the details and add comments, notes, or images to the asset history to ensure the next technician working on it is well-informed about everything.

3. Record issues with asset-specific inspection checklists

Our versatile asset inspection and service checklists allow field teams to track and report through resolution. Promote accountability and save valuable time and money with Zuper monitoring your customer assets with real-time data capture during service– share internally or with customers.

You can also add custom maintenance checklists for each asset so that technicians do not miss out on anything during their repair visits or maintenance checks.

4. Planned Preventative Maintenance

Arrange for regular maintenance tasks to be carried out on your assets with our configurable maintenance schedules. You can schedule maintenance tasks based on asset utilization, hours used, or calendar intervals to assure your customers that their assets are running at their peak performance.

Zuper’s asset management module is the best tool in your arsenal for long-term maintenance contracts or warranty contracts for customer assets. Improve customer satisfaction with regular and efficient preventive maintenance with ease!

5. Maintenance Scheduling and Reminders

Set maintenance alerts and schedule regular maintenance jobs for each asset based on utilization or calendar intervals. Ensure the follow-through of asset maintenance schedules to improve the lifespan of each piece of equipment and avoid customer issues such as sudden breakdowns or unexpected downtime. Zuper will save you the time and effort of handling frequent emergency repair requests. Additionally, with regular servicing, you will reduce asset downtime for your customers and, thereby, improve the customer experience.

On the Zuper dashboard, you can view a complete history of each asset inspection and maintenance task. The asset management module will fully equip your organization to deliver quality maintenance services to your customer– on budget and on time!

6. Work Order Management

Your team can create workflows that directly create job orders whenever the maintenance for each asset is due and assign them to technicians. Each work order includes all the information needed for the technician to complete the job, such as asset location, asset history, contact information, and a list of required parts and tools. Not only will Zuper enable your field teams to be well-prepared when they reach the job site, but it will also save time.

7. Track Parts and Costs

Keep track of parts and inventory used for each maintenance job, so you can see what needs to be restocked. With our residual price tracking and warranty management feature, you can determine the cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement.

Technicians can reference updated details in the asset history added by other technicians whenever the next maintenance or repair service is due. Additionally, when a technician uses a spare part from the inventory, the inventory record is simultaneously updated to ensure that the back office can keep the inventory well-stocked at all times.

Enterprise Asset Management in Zuper















All Your Favorite Tools, Connected

Zuper’s asset management module is designed to fit your business needs for wanting to elevate the customer experience. Along with the asset management module, the Zuper field service management platform includes many other modules that together help you streamline all your business processes and run your service business efficiently. Not only that, Zuper is the most customizable and flexible field service management platform designed to cater to your service business needs.

Using our APIs, you can integrate Zuper with your existing tools and software, such as Oracle, NetSuite, and SAP and get the data you need from Zuper to automatically sync with the systems you already use.

With Zuper, you can automate workflows, minimize downtime, and improve the efficiency of your field operations. Our easy-to-use field service asset management software is the solution you need to increase productivity and achieve your business goals. Schedule a demo today to see how our asset management feature can help you deliver a streamlined asset service management experience from end-to-end.


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