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Michael Israel Joins Zuper as Head of Field Service Evangelism

February 2, 2022

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Hello, Zuper family and extended family. My name is Michael Israel, and I have just joined Zuper as the Head of Field Service Evangelism. This will be my first blog post for Zuper; hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to contribute many more going forward.

I’ve worked in the field service industry my entire career, which spans multiple decades. I spent one-third of that time in various aspects of field service operations, including managing teams of field engineers, spare parts operations, and financial planning and analysis.

I dedicated the remaining two-thirds of my career to working with field service software, including stints in marketing, sales, customer support, software implementation, and product design. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on how software can influence and empower companies to organize and deliver excellent field service.

All field service software vendors promote certain benefits of their software. For example, vendors aggressively promote expected improvements in such key measurements as first-time fix rates (FTFR), response times, time to resolution, repeat visits, service costs, parts availability, and many other key performance indicators (KPIs). Make no mistake; these are all important.

But I think we often overlook the value of something equally, if not more important—how does the software help the software users’ end customers? For example, when an HVAC company uses field service software to manage its service team, how does that impact the actual HVAC customers? Or, when a facilities management company uses FSM software to manage its building and property maintenance activities, how does that impact the occupants and owner of that property? Likewise, when a medical device company uses field service software to manage its team of highly-skilled field engineers, how does that impact the medical technicians in the labs using those devices?

Of course, the impacts to those ultimate customers are beneficial and significant. Homeowners are assured that their air conditioning and heating systems will provide comfort throughout the year. Property managers can feel confident that tenants are pleased with their accommodations and will renew their leases. And medical technicians will feel secure in the knowledge that crucial medical tests will return accurate results. There are similar opportunities that benefit both end-users and their ultimate customers across multiple industries.

At Zuper, we believe in providing a robust platform that will empower users to provide exceptional and timely service to their customers. Moreover, we recognize that our customers are not the only beneficiaries of the processes and structure Zuper enables. Our customers’ customers are the ultimate recipients of excellent service, empowered by the Zuper platform.

As we continue to expand and add to Zuper’s powerful platform, we will preserve a relentless commitment to exceptional quality and support, not just for our own customers, but for their customers as well!

You may read the official press release announcement about me joining Zuper here.



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