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Enable the Best Field Service and Support Experience with the Zuper-Zendesk Integration

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Today, businesses that operate a field service team are looking to deliver the best quality service to their customers. Along with the exceptional on-site service, they want to ensure that their customers are experiencing a smooth transition from sales or service to support and then out to the field. Customer engagement and customer satisfaction have become highly crucial for driving competitive advantage.

In a world where customers expect instant responses and swift resolutions, you can benefit a lot from a software infrastructure that can help you seamlessly deliver a streamlined experience from start to finish. On top of that, when you can engage customers, build long-lasting customer relationships, build customer loyalty, and analyze customer data to make business decisions, your business gains a strong edge over your competitors.

With Zendesk integrated seamlessly with the Zuper platform, you can offer the best-coordinated support and field service experience.

Zendesk is a powerful customer contact, service, and support solution with a wide range of features that help you enhance your customer experience. With Zuper and Zendesk together, you can handle your customers and all your work orders effectively in a single place. With all the customer and job documented and synced between Zendesk and Zuper, your field technicians reach the job site with all the customer history and job details they need. They can get right to the job without having to ask redundant questions about customer needs or service requests.

With the Zuper-Zendesk Integration, you can:

  • Access Zendesk CRM data right from the Zuper platform
  • Add all the required customer information into your Zuper work orders to keep your team updated with customer needs and expectations
  • Enable customer support teams to generate new work orders directly within Zendesk or in Zuper when needed
  • Automatically create, update, and close customer tickets in Zendesk based on the progress of job requests associated with it in Zuper
  • View the entire customer history through work orders and empower field service professionals to perform their job efficiently on both platforms, in real-time…and a lot more.

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With the Zendesk-Zuper integration, you get the best possible combination of customer support and efficient customer service. Here are the four main ways the Zuper plus Zendesk integration helps your business grow.

1. Automate Communication with Customers During the Support Lifecycle

Zuper enables you to create customized workflows and work order checklists to help you manage all your customer requests. At the same time, Zendesk enables you to handle customer support and generate support tickets that let you address all customer support requests. With a two-way integration between Zendesk and Zuper, you can automatically create a job request based on a customer support ticket, schedule a job to address it, and dispatch your field service professionals. Your field service professionals will update the job status in real-time, which will reflect in the ticket created in Zendesk, and your customers will get real-time updates as well. This way, you can proactively address customer grievances and win customers’ trust.

Additionally, your field service professionals reach the job site fully briefed about the support ticket and job details, enabling them to quickly focus on completing the job without wasting time asking questions regarding the job.

2. Build a Seamless Collaboration Between Your Support and Service Teams

Field service businesses consider scheduling and dispatching inefficiencies contributing over 38% to their business challenges. Most of these inefficiencies stem from a lack of collaboration between the support and service teams.

With Zendesk connected to Zuper, your service and support representatives can collaborate effortlessly. Support teams can address customer grievances and directly create work orders for them in Zuper when needed. The automated scheduling and dispatching functionalities of Zuper allow your service teams to plan and execute work orders on time. While your service team reaches the job site on time to complete the job, your back-office and support teams can get real-time updates on the progress of those customer requests. At the same time, customer support teams can connect with customers to get regular feedback on jobs and update the work orders accordingly.

3. Foster a Long-lasting Customer Relationship

Customer loyalty today is hard to win. According to a customer survey by Microsoft, 90% of customers identify customer experience as a deciding factor for choosing a field service business. Businesses invest a lot in customer engagement endeavors to gain more loyal customers. That is why it helps to have Zendesk in place to help you gather and document customer details and capture their preferences. When you have a field service management platform that syncs perfectly with your CRM, your customer relationships start to foster and grow effortlessly.

With the integration of Zendesk and Zuper, every time a customer requests a job, the resulting job order created in Zuper will include all the customer details and the entire order history. So, your field technicians will have a clear idea of what the customer expectations are. Your field technicians reach the service job site with all the right information regarding the job requirements with all the right tools. Thus, they will be empowered to complete the job efficiently. This will help field technicians build a rapport with the customers when they reach the job site for the service and thus, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Apart from that, with the leading ticketing platform integrated into your Zuper field service management platform, you can better manage your customer support requests, and your support team is well-equipped to resolve customer grievances. Satisfactory customer support resolutions go a long way in winning customer loyalty.

4. Increase Workforce Productivity

When your field service professionals have all the information they need to deliver the best possible service to your customers, they can efficiently complete the job. With the Zendesk platform seamlessly integrated with Zuper, every work order will contain extensively detailed and relevant customer information that will help field service professionals understand the job request better. This will reduce the scope for errors, and technicians will spend less time enquiring about the job when they reach the site.

Every time a customer contacts customer support with a service related grievance, chances are that the customer support representative needs to track down the relevant job request to understand the context of the grievance. This will take a lot of time and effort if the customer support solution is not integrated with the field service management platform. With the Zendesk-Zuper integration, your customer support team has access to the entire history of all the job requests associated with each customer. They can also view all the details of every job request. This empowers them to assist their customers with complete information and ensures they deliver the best customer support service.

With a single source of truth for all the customer information and work order details, your back-office teams, as well as your field teams, become more efficient and productive.

Transform Your Field Service Business with the Zuper-Zendesk Integration

Hundreds of field service businesses have leveraged the Zuper and Zendesk integration to grow their businesses and have seen great results such as:

  • 50% increase in workforce productivity and utilization
  • 35% increase in service turnaround time
  • 45% increase in customer adoption and profitability
  • 30% reduction in operating costs

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