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Plumber Marketing: 11 Hacks for Expanding Your Plumbing Service

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Whether you are owning a small plumbing business or a large enterprise, marketing a plumbing service in a competitive market is always backbreaking. If you are not able to generate leads as a result, then it is time to re-think your strategy. With increasing opportunities in new constructions, there are some things you need to show your expertise as a plumbing business owner. We’ve got your back.

Here, we put together a comprehensive list of marketing strategies to be in your marketing plan. Dominate your fierce competitive plumbing market with these new-age marketing tactics.

1. Establish your plumbing service

Differentiate your plumbing business with a branding strategy. Tell your customers how you meet their demands with your specialization in your domain. Establish your plumbing company by creating a logo and well-designed work vehicles.

Plumbers can be given a professional uniform with your plumbing company’s logo. Make your plumbing company visible in your service area. A professional approach leads to a positive impression of your plumbing company in your service area.

2. Build a local community

The more you engage with the local community, the more you get a customer base. Being social is the key. Make contributions to local events, service clubs, and small business associations.

Participating in local community events can build your network and increase brand awareness about your plumbing company. You can sponsor or distribute flyers or coupons to promote according to your budget.

3. Encourage customer referrals

According to Nielsen’s Harris Poll Online, 82% of customers ask for referrals before purchasing a product. Let your existing customers act as your brand ambassador. Customer referral programs are an excellent way to get leads.

Use customer service as a marketing tool. Yield the benefit of word-of-mouth by encouraging your customers to refer to your plumbing company. Encourage your existing customers to refer your plumbing company to their friends by offering discounts or coupons as referral bonuses.

4. Share plumbing tutorials on Youtube

Video contents are the new demand among online searchers and the fastest medium to propagate brand awareness. Start your Youtube channel and add useful video content such as DIY “how-to” videos.

Plumbing tutorials across Youtube or other video-sharing platforms can nurture leads when they are found to be more useful to the audience. It creates a positive impression about your plumbing company in the audience’s mind. Make sure, your plumbing company name and logo are highlighted in the footer, to be stamped on the audience’s mind.

5. Create a mobile-friendly plumbing website

Having a plumbing website enhances your plumbing company’s identity as well as an excellent lead generating tool. Design your website to be mobile-friendly and ensure it has a better user experience. Customers who search for plumbing services should not be distracted by overwhelming images and ad pop-ups.

Contact information should be clearly visible on the homepage. Ascertain your plumbing website has clear and simple call-to-action buttons to provide seamless customer request chats.

6. List your plumbing business into online directories

Yellow pages are outdated. People rely on search engines and online directories to ask for any recommendations on local services they need. Start with Google My Business, Yelp, Amazon home services to increase leads in your service area. Make sure you add plumbing service business details, plumbing website URL, address, phone number with photos, and let your customers review it online.

Ensure the business listing is optimized by local SEO. Online reviews are the biggest factor customers consider while choosing a local service. Try to get as many positive reviews as possible.

And, if you get negative reviews? Don’t despair. Rapid response and providing necessary solutions to your dissatisfied customer creates a positive impact and retains your reputation.

7. Connect with the audience with social networking

Social networks are the new biggest marketing channel to sell your plumbing service. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin can act as a free promotional tool to reach your target audience with simple efforts. Engage with the online community by updating posts, blogs, and video content appropriate plumbing and helpful to the audience.

Converse with your audience, to maintain a customer relationship. You can transform online audiences into potential customers through social media presence. Social media ads allow them to target specific audiences and generate more qualified leads.

8. Optimize your webpages through SEO

If your plumbing company website couldn’t rank in Google when “plumbers near me” is searched, then you are losing the job. For a highly competitive plumbing service business, SEO is an essential digital marketing strategy to rank better in SERP.

Get more visibility of your website in Google’s Search engine result pages (SERP) which empowers conversion rate and ROI. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to reaching your target audience organically. Unlike advertising, SEO helps to rank your plumbing website by optimizing the keywords for local search, link building, and schema markup of webpages.

9. Invest in content marketing

Content marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase the ROI by providing beneficial information through blogs, videos, podcasts, ebooks, case studies, etc. Provide consistent and authoritative content to get recognition and increase the customer base.

Be a source of quality resources to online audiences by sharing common DIY plumbing techniques, downloadable guides, ebooks, etc.

10. Engage with customers through email

Email marketing could be old yet effective. Email marketing tools are designed to reach an audience with personalized and customizable content within your budget. It helps to send personalized and customizable content to your plumbing website subscribers. You can track the response and get insights through email.

Those insights would help find engagement rates with potential customers and send future email campaigns to target more specifically. Send your best content and newsletters backlinked to your plumbing website. The more helpful relevant emails, the more you generate leads.

11. Consider pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-clicks, which is a part of digital marketing, helps in getting instant traffic to your plumbing website. When someone searches “plumbers near me”, your paid ad would pop up on top of the result page. These kinds of search ads can be tried where you have to pay only when your paid ad is clicked. Set the maximum bid amount and add relevant keyphrases using SEO for your paid ad to appear.

Pay-per-click ads and Google local service ads appear on top of the SERP when a customer searches for keywords including “plumbers near me”. This helps in getting instant traffic to your website when you have relevant key phrases in your ad.

Move towards growth

So, you can focus on what’s most important. There’s no ‘right marketing channel’. Put your efforts in different marketing channels for better reach. Choose the right marketing strategy according to your budget to scale up your plumbing service business. Yet, boosting up your plumbing business doesn’t end there. Improve your work order efficiency, reduce the administrative tasks, and productivity of your plumbers with plumbing service software.

Expect enormous growth in your business with the right mix of marketing strategies, providing exceptional customer service and a productivity plumbing service software like Zuper. If you have any questions or want assistance with growing your plumbing service business, please contact us today for more information.

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