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Predictive Field Service Management – 3 Tips for Adding Predictability to Field Service Business

November 10, 2021

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What is predictive field service management?

Predictive field service management uses data to help gain insight into the performance of field service teams, business trends and manage the mobile workforce effectively.With the help of data, predictive field service management helps:

  • Ensure your field service workers are working at their optimum efficiency and productivity
  • Predict parameters that would affect service delivery
  • Provide more accurate estimates for work completion

Why is predictability important for field service management?

Field service management needs predictability for several reasons, including:

  • Reduce technician stress
  • Increase technician utilization
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime caused by system failures
  • Improve consistency across all repairs
  • Build a more predictable revenue line

How to add predictability to your field service business?

Here’s the approach for implementing predictability in your field service business:

Gather as much data as you can

Becoming predictable in field service management starts with collecting data. This will give you an idea of your regular as well as daily, monthly, weekly recurring tasks. It will further give you insights into the work volume, work type, and inventory. With the help of Zuper’s field service management software, you can collect huge amounts of data that will help in knowing exactly when you’ll see spikes in business and when you’ll need more inventory. You will also get to see the sales patterns over months and years, enabling you to analyze when your sales team should focus more on selling.

Turn to predictive maintenance

Turning to predictive maintenance involves embracing technology like the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT sends notifications when equipment is working abnormally (outside of standard parameters). This helps you deliver efficient services before equipment failures occur.Such kind of proactiveness improves customer service levels significantly. Additionally, predictive maintenance uses different usage metrics to determine the time for the next maintenance visit, thus avoiding costly downtimes for your customers.Moreover, maintenance contracts have been extensively used nowadays because they offer predictability. If you need to be on a service call every two months or six months, you can plan these service calls early on to make them fit your schedule perfectly.

Add predictability with field service management software

If you rely on outdated systems (manual entries and paper forms) for predictive and preventative maintenance, it can easily turn into a nightmarish experience. But if you add predictability using a field service management software, the task is automated, enabling you to deliver a higher caliber of maintenance services.As computing capabilities, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are integrated, predictive models for maintenance are more accurate. By automating processes, you can benefit from improved service delivery by detecting repair maintenance early and taking appropriate action before the equipment breaks down. This saves costs and resources for both you and the customer.

Predictive field service management using Zuper

Zuper offers predictive and preventative maintenance – and so much more. This intelligent and innovative field service management software is built with modules to manage every aspect of service delivery and customer engagement, with extensive customization options. Optimizing everything is easier than you think with Zuper. Schedule a demo to see the future of field service in action.



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