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How to Prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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At the start of any transformation, you have two choices. To avoid the change until you cannot any longer, or to become a champion of change and a leader in your industry.

Historically, the organizations that act as leaders are the companies that reap the greatest benefits.

Companies that choose to be proactive by investing to meet what is coming head-on are the ones that not only survive but thrive.

It has been true for every major market shift in history and will remain steadfast through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Though the Fourth Industrial Revolution technically started several years ago, many companies have only begun to experience the effects—with massive advancements impacting every market on the way.

Now, organizations hoping to stay in tune with the Fourth Industrial Revolution need to pay close attention and adjust their workflows if they have not already.

Below, you will discover the steps businesses are taking today to get ready for whatever is next and become better prepared to adapt and grow.

Select Forward-Thinking Leaders

The leaders of your organization set a precedent for your entire company. If those leaders see adapting to new technology as a critical mission, the sentiment will flow down throughout the company.

Your leadership team gets to choose when and what technology the people that report to them utilize in their daily activities. Therefore, companies that want to stay ahead of the Fourth Industrial Revolution must have leaders who understand technology is an asset, not a bottleneck.

You want your management team to stay up-to-date on what kinds of technology are available, how other organizations are using them successfully, and how your company could implement the technology to improve your core operations.

The management team must then lead the charge and encourage your other employees to get on board if you want to be a front-runner in your industry.

Equip Your Workforce with the Best Tech and Tools

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not about adopting every piece of technology on the market. Instead, it is about adopting the right technology to further your team’s capabilities and keep your business competitive no matter what the future holds.

Technology should be selected according to established goals, or to bridge any gaps preventing your organization from meeting those goals.

Strategic adoption ensures your employees understand the tool’s role in their work and see its benefits.

Moreover, you want to choose technologies that not only meet the goals and capabilities of today but will serve your business long-term. Considering that integrating new digital transformations is not an overnight process, you want a tool to last.

For progressive businesses, Zuper offers the most flexible field service management platform. Zuper streamlines your workflows from end to end through advanced customizations, robust automation, and seamless integrations. With Zuper, you know your technicians have all the features they need to perform their roles long-term.

Encourage a Progressive Mindset

Once you have the right leadership and technology in place, it is time to shift your employees’ mindset toward the way they work. And the shift begins with providing the proper training and support for your workforce while they adapt to your digital transformation.

Change can be overwhelming, especially for older employees that are not as comfortable with digital tools.

Maybe that is the reason only 34% of change initiatives succeed.

However, feeling supported and knowledgeable during the transition makes a difference. Allowing your employees to provide feedback on the transition helps you stay ahead of concerns.

As the saying goes, if one person has a question, chances are so do many others who have not voiced it. By encouraging feedback from your most vocal employees, you can provide improved training initiatives to smooth out any bumps in the road.

In addition to empowering your current workforce, you must learn to attract and retain talented, technology-focused future employees.

One of the only certainties in life is things will continue to change. When you choose employees who understand and embrace this, you gain an anti-fragile workforce that can easily conquer the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Communicate and Collaborate

As with past industrial revolutions, progression can seem fast, furious, and overwhelming to your employees.

You must prioritize frequent and clear communication to prevent the overwhelm from stalling progress within your organization. A comprehensive communication plan encompasses:

  • Implementation timeline goals
  • New or updated processes
  • Target key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Next steps

Improved transparency helps dissolve any tension your employees are feeling about the shift. When you have a comprehensive change management plan, everyone understands their role and expectations—increasing their confidence.

Information is power, so providing the correct information empowers your workforce to own the change and drive success.

Prepare for the Future by Acting Now

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has just begun. What comes next remains to be seen, but organizations that prioritize a culture of change will find new ways to adapt and thrive through every new shift.

An essential part of adapting to change is establishing supportive but flexible technology to empower you to work your way. Using Zuper, you can customize every form, checklist, and workflow to make your business work for you and update them to adapt to shifting demands whenever you need.

This post was inspired by Zuper FM https://www.zuper.co/zuper-fm-field-service-your-way’s Gearing Up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Wajid Zakir. Listen here now.

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