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Avinash Raj
October 19, 2022
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You may be an executive or dispatch coordinator looking to shift away from cumbersome manual communications with customers, or perhaps you need a more efficient way to streamline your updates for field technicians and office staff.

Regardless of your most pressing need, Zuper offers an integrated field service management solution that includes a robust ‘Alerts and Notifications’ module for automated, personalized, and customizable phone, text, and email communications across your field operations.

Notifications and alerts 101

The notifications and alerts feature in a communications management solution ensures that your team members, whether in the field or at the office, have access to the information they need when needed. Automated messages keep your team 'in-the-know' of corresponding all-important updates related to a work order, providing communication anytime someone mentions them or makes changes to tasks they are associated with.

Zuper offers different kinds of notifications and alerts.  

Push notifications are automated messages a user receives without opening the app.  

Mobile notifications go directly to a user’s mobile device, which is particularly helpful for keeping your busy, on-the-move field techs up to date.  

Email messages are triggered messages sent in response to particular actions, and in-app notifications are received when a user opens an app.

Notifications and alerts can take different forms depending on the need to manage work orders. Project updates alert about changes made to a work order. They prevent work from being duplicated by keeping all team members in sync about the status of a task. Messages and comments alert the right team members about what needs attention from particular field techs or office personnel. Reminders about deadlines help your team stay focused and able to plan ahead.

How Zuper’s notifications and alerts bring you operational efficiency

Notifications can get overwhelming and seem like a whole lot of noise. But done right, they provide peace of mind. Why? Because they free your team up to focus on other priorities, they keep everyone abreast of project developments and bring attention to important updates at just the right moment.  

The Zuper notifications and alerts module helps you achieve automation and personalization.

Easing the workload with automation

It is vital to keep a clear line of communication between your field and back-office staff about the latest work order information, and ideally, you want to do it in a way that does not add to employee workload.  

You achieve this by setting up automated messages that keep both groups up-to-date about work order status changes, reminders, and delays. They can come in the form of SMS, emails, in-app, or push notifications. What is more, Zuper’s solution effortlessly connects with 10+ cloud telephony and SMS platforms like Twilio, MessageBird, Infobip,  RingCentral, ClickSend, and GupShup.

Of course, you want to keep your customers in the loop as well. Automated messages can be triggered when there is a change in a work order (like your field tech changing their status to ‘On My Way’), delays, and arrival times via SMS or email.  

Reminders can be set relative to the scheduled start time, end time, and due date, and job delay alerts can be set based on the job schedule, due date, and status. Customized quotations, invoice follow-up reminders, and messages about job statuses and milestones can also be sent. Zuper can take care of automatically sending these out to customers via something like WhatsApp.

Personalized communication for the recipient

Zuper allows you to personalize your communications to ensure they are relevant messages for the recipient, and your communications can be customized based on the work orders and schedule. You choose the frequency, timing, and reply mechanism.  

For example, you can opt to respond to an alert directly from your inbox and can enable instant desktop pop-up updates that navigate straight to a task or work order. These can pop up when someone is assigned a new task or is included in a task or job they are associated with.  

If you are on the Zuper Pro Field Service mobile app, you can receive alerts directly to your phone without checking your inbox. These kinds of push notifications mean you are notified about work order changes, so you are on top of project progress and can give immediate feedback on your tasks.

And wait...there is more!

Using Zuper’s notifications and alerts means you have a record of communications and comments with a time log, which helps cut down on the time you spend scouring your inbox for information. Plus, all team members have a central location for information that can be accessed repeatedly. Messages can also be fully integrated with an online calendar and include company branding.

Your field service company needs the kind of communication that keeps your staff and customers informed such that your team is efficient and your customers are happy. You want a solution that uses real-time automation and customization to fit the particular needs of your business. The notifications and alerts module of Zuper allows you to do just that.

Schedule an in-person demo (insert link) and learn more about the Zuper Alerts and Notifications module today!  

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