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The Risks of Replacing Broken Garage Door Springs Yourself

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Arguably, the best part of a DIY repair is the money you can potentially save on the project as opposed to calling in a professional. Where a professional can charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a single repair or installation, DIY can be vastly cheaper, only taking up the free time you devote to it.

For homeowners, this can be a recurring question. If there’s a leaky pipe, then it can be enticing to plug in the leak yourself. If you have a new ceiling fan that needs to be installed, that can be another easy DIY job that can save money at the cost of some personal time.

But this can only be a good idea if you are already experienced with repairs and know what to do. For some homeowners who aren’t all that well versed with repairs and installations, it can be a daunting task. When amateur homeowners try to repair or replace something they’re not used to in the interest of saving money, there can be drastic consequences.

They could break the components, make the situation worse by having to do a complete reinstallation, or worse, get injured in the process. All of this can lead up to becoming a lot more expensive and time-consuming than just calling a professional.

Admittedly, replacing broken garage door springs can be one of the more complicated repairs that a person can do around the house. If you’re not trained for it, there are definite chances that you’ll be flushing money down the drain.

Let’s look at a few risks that can materialize when you’re trying to DIY your garage door spring replacement.

What is a garage door spring?

Garage door springs are springs that are mounted above the door opening. When the door is lowered, the cables on the bottom of the door will wind up the garage door springs, causing potential energy to be stored in the springs.

Once you are ready to lift the door back up, the potential energy stored in the garage door torsion springs can release the energy they’ve stored to move the door. This cycle of winding and unwinding is what helps the door lift after you’ve lowered your garage door.

There are many types of springs, but torsion springs are the most common among most garage doors. As the years go by, this winding and unwinding cycle will cause the springs to become weaker, until a time comes when the springs can no longer operate the door efficiently.

This is when you should consider replacing the torsion springs to ensure your garage door opener operates properly. But DIYing the repair comes with some inherent risks.

The dangers of DIYing garage door spring repair

There are many dangers associated with repairing garage door springs yourself. DIY garage door repairs can result in serious injury and even death. According to the Minnesota Safety Council, “DIY spring repair is not recommended because of the extreme danger involved.” Listed below are some of the reasons why you need to stay clear of DIYing garage door repairs.

Torsion springs can cause accidents

Torsion springs can be dangerous when you’re trying to repair or replace them yourself without the appropriate tools or knowledge. The springs are packed with pressure when they’re under stress, and if they fly When the garage door spring is released improperly, the resulting force can easily injure someone.

Not using proper tools for garage door maintenance

The problem with DIYing is that people often don’t have specialized tools and they try to make do with what they have on hand. A winding bar is one of the more common tools used during garage door spring replacements. Using alternatives like screwdrivers can lead to the spring flying off at unexpected times which can cause harm to the repair person or damage property nearby.

Garage door falling off

A typical garage door weighs around a hundred pounds. If you’re using a wooden door or other heavier materials, it can weigh even more than that. Without the proper tools and experience, a garage door can fall down during the repair. That’s the recipe for a lot of unsavory accidents. Even if there’s nobody in the near vicinity, it’s still a danger to the vehicle you keep in your garage. A hundred-pound door that falls onto your car can result in a lot of expensive repairs for your vehicle as well.

If you do not have the proper tools, then do not try and substitute them with other tools and risk letting your garage door fall onto you, someone else, or any other property that you own. It can end up being a lot more expensive and painful than you bargained for.

Calling a professional service can cost you a bit of money, but it’s often worth the money to leave the repair to the professionals and save yourself not only time, but also gain peace of mind in knowing that trained people will come and do it for you.

DIY can become more expensive

Trained professionals have the necessary skills to repair your garage door springs properly. They also have the right tools and equipment to do the job safely. Hiring a professional to do the repair will save you time and money in the long run.

That’s not the same promise you get when you try to do the repair yourself. The trial and error aspect can lead to broken tools and replacement parts and wasted time, all of which can ultimately become a lot more expensive than just calling the professionals in the first place. What’s more, when your DIY ends up damaging your garage door, you wouldn’t be able to claim insurance as well.

Hiring a professional service also often comes with installation and repair warranties that can help you call the professionals back and fix things in the event of something going wrong.


DIY garage door repair can sound like a good idea in your head. You save some money, you learn something about repairing your own property, and you can start becoming more proficient in repairing things around the house.

But garage door repair is a complicated and expensive ordeal that you shouldn’t attempt unless you are explicitly trained for it, or are under the supervision of trained professionals. If you’ve got broken garage door springs or any other repair you need to do on your garage door, then call professional service and have them complete the job for you.

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