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July 25, 2022

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While every service technician’s job is essential, it’s a matter of safety in the security space.

In fact, around 38% of homes use some type of home security technology to help safeguard their property and personal safety.

So, whether a customer is calling to have a new system installed due to a string of break-ins nearby or a service call to update damaged equipment, your customers no longer feel safe in their environment. And security technicians can help them overcome their fears and get back to feeling comfortable — something everyone deserves.

But restoring your customers’ sense of security takes more than cameras and alarms. After all, a system is only as trustworthy as the company that provides it.Zuper understands the unique position security technicians are in. There’s no room for “good enough.”. That’s why our software offers a better way to manage your field service teams.

Let Your Technician’s Expertise Show

You always want your service technicians to look like an expert, but in the security industry, it’s non-negotiable. Your customers rely on you to make them feel safe in their environment — something you don’t feel with an amateur.

If you want your customers to feel confident in your services, technicians need to come prepared with the right know-how and tools to complete the project without bumps along the way.

Through a robust suite of integrations – including the top CRM and help desk software – customer details are automatically synced to Zuper even when they’re gathered by other teams. This makes important information available in seconds without app switching or endless calls and direct messages.

With the correct information in their hands, technicians can focus on improving the customer’s experience through their expertise.

Create Trust With Your Customers

Whether it’s a new installation, an upgrade, or a service call, all of your technicians should follow the same processes every time. If your customers know what to expect when they schedule an appointment, it puts their minds at ease.

A major part of trust-building is consistency. The best way to create consistency is through workflows.

Zuper’s drag-and-drop workflows make it simple for you to customize to fit your needs. You’re not limited to a handful of templates like some other software. And you don’t need to worry about bringing in a developer any time you need to make a minor tweak.

With Zuper, you simply set up the workflows that work for your business — how you best serve your customers is up to you!

Stay on Schedule

When it comes to security, every customer call is urgent. But one of the biggest customer complaints service technicians deal with is that they aren’t “on time” or that it takes too long to get an appointment.

Unfortunately, staying on schedule while on the road is a struggle that is only worsened by hard-to-follow scheduling and dispatching software. If you’re relying on outdated systems, you risk becoming unreliable in the minds of your customers.

Zuper makes it easy to match the right technician to the job based on individual skills, availability, and even locations so that your customers get the best-matched service provider as quickly as possible.

Plus, your technician always knows what’s next, so they can more accurately estimate job and travel times.

Speed Up Administrative Tasks

Completing the project is just one part of your service technician’s job. Beyond that, your technicians are responsible for communicating with customers, providing estimates, sharing invoices, and often trying to collect payments on the spot.

Repetitive administrative tasks significantly decrease your technician’s productivity — especially when they’re trying to handle them while on the go.

Zuper helps your technicians reclaim lost time by auto-generating invoices from previously created estimates. As a result, all the critical information is already loaded instead of manually re-entering job details line by line.

After the invoice, Zuper lets your technician collect digital payment on the spot, or if you have an ongoing service agreement, set up recurring payments through the Stripe integration. And even better, Zuper integrates with Quickbooks so that there’s no chance of any missing payment information at the end of the month!

Zuper believes in seeing things through from start to finish — just like the technicians we support.

Help Your Customers Feel in Control

The security industry faces high stakes with over one million break-ins in the United States each year. That’s at least one million people who no longer feel safe in their homes or offices — and likely many of their friends, family, and neighbors feeling the same way.

As a security company, it’s your job to reverse those anxious feelings by providing the best services and systems available.

When your security technicians show up on time, with the right know-how and a well-laid plan, your customer believes more in the solution they’re getting.

Zuper provides your service technicians with the tools they need to be the experts customers crave.

Whether they’re in the office or on the go with the convenient Zuper app, your technicians have all of the customer and job details at their disposal in seconds without bouncing between technologies — allowing them to focus on providing the best work and customer service possible.

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