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Accelerate Complex And Large Job Completion With Zuper Service Tasks

July 14, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, businesses with field teams are striving towards efficiency and reliability to run their operations smoothly. It is important to keep up with the demands of the customer’s needs and ensure any type of jobs are completed perfectly

Managing services is not easy; and comes with a lot of challenges. Each job requires a different approach to completing it.

Especially when you must manage a complex or large job, you need something that can help you break it down into smaller tasks and complete them in the right order. This requires the involvement of the most skilled technicians, a guided inspection form, and estimated duration to ensure quality work is delivered on time.

At Zuper, we understand that each type of job is crucial to the overall progress of your service business, and completing jobs with quality and on time is the backbone of your business growth.

We recognize these challenges and view them as opportunities to deliver excellence again. That is why we added a new feature called service tasks into Zuper, which will help you efficiently manage your complex jobs with ease.

Service Tasks Simplify Your Work

In a competitive market, it is essential to simplify and optimize your work process. Ensuring your team can complete a task quickly and efficiently will enable them to take on additional responsibilities.

Service tasks are designed to help you organize large tasks into smaller manageable pieces of work, allowing your team to evenly segregate and work on the tasks in an orderly manner.

Service tasks will improve your technician’s productivity by providing access to task details, customer information, service requirements, and historical data. This empowers them to effectively monitor the progress of their work and efficiently allocate their time.

Build Proactive Maintenance Strategies with Service Tasks

Service tasks can also allow you to approach your work with strategy and ensure that tasks are completed systematically. Different tasks require different skill sets, and service tasks allow you to assign the right person to the right job. You can also link an asset to a service task if it requires maintenance; this allows your technician to ensure they carry the right equipment while working on a job.

Additionally, you can also choose the most suitable inspection form you require, between the asset or a service task form to complete the job. These options provide you with the flexibility to strategize your work the way you want.

Maximize Efficiency and Resource Utilization with Intelligent Task Management

Service tasks play an important role by helping you utilize your resources efficiently while managing your tasks. Using Zuper’s intelligent task assignment algorithms, you can assign tasks to the right technicians based on location, availability, and expertise.

These factors match technicians with the most suitable tasks, helping you save time and provide stellar service to your customers. This will translate into significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency. Allocating the right technician for every task helps you streamline your operations and achieve optimal results.

Organize Your Business with Serial Execution and Parallel Execution

Zuper provides you with two options to organize tasks in your business, namely serial execution and parallel execution

Serial Execution

With serial execution, you can complete tasks in a particular order; this will ensure there are no deviations and that each task is completed with the instructions provided. Zuper allows you to add inspection forms to these tasks, which serves as a checklist to ensure that all the criteria are met before the task is completed.

Another feature of serial execution is that the tasks mentioned need to be marked as completed in serial order. The overall job can only be marked as finished when all the service tasks are successfully completed. This serial order ensures that each task is executed with focus and precision before progressing to the next stage.

Parallel Execution

Parallel execution offers a little more leeway and provides significant advantages when performing service tasks efficiently. Parallel execution allows several technicians to work on multiple tasks simultaneously at the same time, enabling you to efficiently manage unexpected situations by providing flexibility and adaptability.

Save time with parallel execution by distributing the workload across multiple technicians simultaneously. If one task takes longer to complete, the delay can be easily communicated, and other technicians can step in to complete the job in time. This allows you to complete tasks much faster compared to assigning a single technician to work on a series of tasks.

Faster and Better Coordination with Service Tasks

The need for improvement and change is always present in a constantly evolving world. Service tasks have the potential to emerge as a game-changer in the field service industry.

Service tasks not only speed up the overall process of completing complex tasks but also provide you with real-time visibility into each task. This allows for better coordination and enables prompt adjustments in unforeseen circumstances.

By leveraging technology, automation, and data-driven insights, businesses can transform how they deliver services, enhance customer experience, and improve their overall operational efficiency.

Got more questions about service tasks? Take advantage of the free demo that Zuper offers and use this opportunity to see how service tasks work for your business. Schedule your demo today.


Shane D' Rozario
Shane D' Rozario
Shane D’ Rozario crafts engaging articles at Zuper. He leverages storytelling and meticulous research to bring insightful content on the latest advancements in field service technology and the potential of sustainable and renewable energy to light.

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