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The Zuper + Zendesk Integration – Partner Connect 2022

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The seminal Partner Connect 2022 brought together a host of industry experts to present on best practices for digitizing, automating, and optimizing service operations. Zuper team members coordinated a day of discussions about innovations in field service management and examined how the Zuper platform and partnerships streamline processes for field service businesses.

In the session entitled Zuper + Zendesk integration, Sanjay details the multi-faceted integration capabilities of Zuper when used in conjunction with Zendesk, one of the industry’s best customer support products. The presentation includes an extensive demonstration of how the integration empowers support teams, increases productivity, and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

Sanjay, Platform Developer at Zuper

Sanjay has 7 years of experience as a platform developer and works on the Zendesk integration with Zuper.

Introduce the Zuper + Zendesk integration and the importance of a great customer service experience.

Powering more than 200,000 businesses, Zendesk serves as a market leader in customer service software. Zuper’s mission has always been to enable your customers to have exceptional last mile service experience. Our integration combines these two capabilities to delight customers.

The CX reports published by Zendesk states that after more than one bad service experience about 80% of customers say they would rather do business with a competitor. Customers now expect companies to collaborate to deliver great experiences.

How the Zuper + Zendesk integration helps businesses achieve a superior level of support?

In one click you can schedule field visits and have access to rich customer information such as assets, contracts and inventory.  You can also automate communication to customers in the entire life cycle of the support journey. Zuper’s integration with Zendesk doesn’t just stop at creating jobs from tickets. Internal comments that are added inside your tickets by the support agents are pushed to Zuper as notes so that the field technician can access these notes from their Zuper Pro mobile app.

Any notes, including pictures, videos, and scanned documents, added by your field technician are synced back to your Zendesk ticket as internal comments. We have enabled bi-directional sync between the custom fields in Zendesk and Zuper. All updates on the custom fields synchronize automatically between the two platforms. There is no more time spent on double data entry.

Perhaps your field service team has to call back office support to inform them that the service is done so that the agent can close the ticket. With this integration phone calls or signatures are not needed to close the ticket. You can map your Zuper status to the Zendesk ticket so that when the field technician updates the status in their Zuper job, the ticket associated with it gets closed automatically. You can also map one or multiple statuses in the Zuper settings in order to automate the ticket closure process.

The Zendesk integration with Zuper provides a hassle-free experience for your support agents to track the field technician and determine their ETA. Rather than checking them manually over phone calls or texts, you can also automate “On my way” texts to your customers so that you can proactively let them know the estimated time of arrival of technicians.

We shall now present a real-world example of when our integration can be of great help.

Go Clean is a multinational company that manufactures cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. They also sell cleaning equipment directly to the end customers and general public. A major challenge faced by manufacturing companies is the quality of service that they offer their customers. To address this issue, Go Clean is seeking a field service management application to manage the service and maintenance process.

Laura is the Support Agent who takes the customer calls, tries to provide remote assistance and operates on the Zendesk ticket. Mike is our Field Service Supervisor who is registered as a user within the Zuper system. He dispatches the right technician to the customer’s location. Dominic is the Field Technician who specializes in a specific skill and performs the actual service. Harriet is the customer looking for service.

Harriet reaches out to Laura over the phone to raise her concern that the carpet cleaner she purchased from Go Clean is not working lately. As a first step Laura tries to offer remote assistance by referring to the knowledge base that is available within Zendesk. She helps Harriet to check to see if the power cord of the carpet cleaner is damaged or if there is voltage fluctuation at her home. She also makes sure that the filters of the vacuum cleaner are clean and are not damaged. After completing the troubleshooting Laura comes to the conclusion that a field visit is required to identify and fix the issue with the carpet cleaner.

Laura converts the ticket into a Zuper job. The Zuper + Zendesk integration then pre-populates the necessary information in the job: title, priority, description, and the customer who has initiated the ticket. Laura just has to pick the right category and the time based on Harriet’s availability. Creating the Zuper job is that easy.

From Zendesk, Mike sees this job and tries to understand the issue by going through the job description and the notes that were added from Zendesk. He finds out that Dominic is skilled in servicing the carpet cleaner and also available at the specified time. Mike updates the status of the job as confirmed and assigns this job to Dominic.

Dominic gets notified on his Zuper Pro mobile app. When he starts out for Harriet’s location, he marks the status of the job as “On my way” and fills in the ETA to reach his destination.

Below is the entire flow of events in a pictorial representation.

Additionally, Dominic can take pictures during the course of the job which get synchronized with the Zendesk ticket. Once Dominic has resolved the issue and closed the job, the ticket also gets closed automatically.

What are some additional features available through the Zendesk + Zuper integration?

At the bottom right of the Zendesk job details screen, Laura can view all the actions performed right from her job creation to the final actions performed by Dominic. This way Laura always knows the status of the job.

Any number of jobs can be generated from a single Zendesk ticket. For example, perhaps the issue with Harriet’s cleaner was not resolved by the first field visit and so requires another visit. Laura can simply create another job within the same Zendesk ticket. There is a sidebar app inside the Zendesk customer details screen that lists all the jobs created in Zuper for Harriet.

On the left section of the job detail screen we see the Zendesk ticket fields as well as fields specific to Zuper, such as the Zuper status, assignee, and job start and end date. These fields are updated appropriately when the information in the Zuper job is updated.

These fields are particularly helpful for Laura or an administrator when they need to set up workflows within Zendesk based on the status of the job or any other information about the Zuper job within the Zendesk platform.

What does the dedicated Zuper app within Zendesk provide?

That dedicated app provides a list of all Zuper jobs created in one account. The list can be filtered and Laura can access all relevant job information and open any job in Zuper right from Zendesk.

There is also a dedicated map view where Laura can see the current location of field technicians based on their team and online-status. For example, clicking on Dominic, who is currently online, takes us to his current location on the map.

Which companies are using the integration?

Some satisfied customers using the Zendesk support integration are:

  1. SaltPay, a leading payment solutions provider for small to medium-sized businesses in Europe.
  1. Pro-Vigil, a comprehensive surveillance solution provider bringing solutions to customers that are both fixed and mobile locations,
  1. Sail Internet, a leading provider of fibre source broadband and wireless internet services in the San Diego and San Francisco Bay areas.
  1. And, Origem, an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Brazil catering to commercial and individual customers.

These customers use our integration on a daily basis, something that increases productivity and makes their everyday work much easier.

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