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Top 5 Costly Mistakes Pool Service Businesses to Avoid

Pool Service
October 19, 2023

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You have worked hard to build your pool service business into what it is today. The last thing you want is for one costly mistake to threaten all that. As we head into the next season, it is worth reviewing some of the biggest blunders that could hurt your bottom line and reputation if you are not careful. Whether you are a new pool pro just getting your bearings or a seasoned vet with years of experience, a little reminder never hurts. After all, it only takes one slipup to send your business into the deep end. 

Read on to discover the top 5 mistakes your pool service business needs to avoid next season. With a heads-up on these potential pitfalls, you will swim smoothly into the new season.

Improper Handling and Mixing of Pool Chemicals

If you are not extremely careful when handling and mixing pool chemicals, it could end up being one of the costliest mistakes your business makes this season. Pool chemicals, if mishandled, can damage pool equipment, hurt employees and customers, and require expensive repairs. To avoid improper chemical handling, only buy approved chemicals from reputable suppliers and follow the instructions precisely. Dispose of any expired or unused chemicals properly through hazardous waste disposal programs. Provide employees with regular training on chemical safety and handling.

Use Caution When Mixing Chemicals

Certain pool chemicals can react dangerously when mixed, releasing toxic fumes or causing explosions. Never combine muriatic acid and chlorine, for example. Ensure technicians are well-versed in which chemicals can and cannot be mixed. They should always add chemicals to water, not the other way around while wearing proper protective gear.

When servicing customer pools, technicians should carefully monitor chemical levels to maintain the proper balance. Too much or too little of any one chemical could damage the pool finish or equipment. Technicians should log the specific chemicals and amounts used for each pool, so they have records of what is been added and when.

Take the time now to evaluate how your business handles chemicals to identify any risks or areas for improvement. Developing strict standards and procedures, training staff, and using tools to track chemical usage properly are investments that will pay off by avoiding issues down the road. 

Failing to Meet Customer Expectations and Needs

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company, so keeping them happy should be a top priority. Listen closely to your customers and address any complaints promptly. Be courteous and provide solutions to resolve their issues. Taking action on negative reviews shows you care and can help turn the experience around. Your dedication to making things right will build goodwill for the future.

Sometimes customers may complain about things outside of your control. Never accuse them of being wrong. Explain the necessity of any repairs or chemicals to avoid confusion and build trust. Transparency is key. Providing an itemized invoice and accepting online payments through a mobile app gives customers confidence in your services.

Double booking jobs or missing appointments due to poor scheduling is unprofessional and damages your reputation. Relying on spreadsheets and calendars often results in errors and conflicts. Automated scheduling software eliminates the guesswork, ensuring your technicians are where they need to be on time.

Proper communication and setting clear expectations upfront are essential. To avoid surprises, educate your customers about basic pool care and the costs involved. Be available to answer any questions to put them at ease.

Meeting and exceeding customer needs should be a top priority for any business. Pay close attention, be transparent, and use technology to streamline your operations. Keeping your customers happy will ensure steady referrals and repeat business. Your pool service company’s success depends on the experience you provide.

Inaccurate Work Orders and Scheduling Conflicts

Double booking jobs or providing incorrect information to your technicians can lead to lost time, revenue, and customer trust. To prevent scheduling conflicts, implement a calendar system, whether digital or physical, that allows you to see your technicians’ schedules at a glance. Cross-check work orders against the calendar regularly to ensure no overlaps occur. Provide technicians with mobile access to the schedule so they can check job details on the go and alert you to any issues immediately.

Similarly, double-check that work orders contain all necessary information before handing them to your technicians. Verify the customer’s name, address, phone number, and specific service requests. Include details on the pool’s dimensions, chemical levels, and parts that may need replacement or repair. The more details provided, the less chance of confusion, errors, or missed steps.

Technicians should also report after completing each job to confirm the work order was accurate and address any discrepancies. Follow up with customers within 24 to 48 hours to ensure their satisfaction and handle any concerns that may have arisen.

Staying on top of schedules and work orders requires diligence, but the productivity, profitability, and customer loyalty payoff is well worth the effort. With the help of scheduling software and mobile tools, pool service businesses can streamline their operations and provide the seamless service experience customers expect.

Missing Business Opportunities During the Off-Season

The off-season is the perfect time to evaluate your business and find new opportunities for growth. Missing out on these chances could stunt your success in the coming season. One mistake pool service businesses often make is failing to stay in touch with customers during the slower months. 

Send personalized emails or mailers with updates about winterization services, equipment inspections, or upcoming promotions. Offering discounts or giveaways is a great way to keep them engaged for the new season. You will also have more time to focus on hiring and training. The shortage of skilled technicians is an ongoing challenge, so use the off-season to recruit promising candidates and strengthen your team. 

Provide additional education on pool chemicals, cleaning equipment, and customer service to ensure they are fully prepared for the busy months ahead. Many pool service providers miss the chance to upgrade systems and software during the off-season. Research new technologies that streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience. 

Investing in tools like scheduling and routing software, payment platforms, review monitoring, and data analysis will set you up for success. The off-season presents an opportunity to build excitement for the coming season and address any issues within your company. Focus on marketing, hiring, training, and upgrading—your business and customers will benefit from your dedication during the slower season. Keep swimming ahead of the competition by capitalizing on every chance to better your business.

Lack of Data Analysis Leading to Informed Decisions

Many in the industry fail to analyze their data to gain valuable insights adequately. Simply put, without understanding your key metrics and KPIs, you are operating blind. Dig into your customer data to see trends in service requests, common issues, and opportunities to upsell additional services. Look for patterns in the types of pools, ages, and locations. Use this information to target your marketing efforts better.

Review data on your technicians’ performance and productivity. See who excels at certain types of services or with specific equipment. Look for ways to improve routing and scheduling to maximize efficiency. Provide additional training where needed. Examine your financials to understand your costs, profits, and areas for improvement. 

Know your margins for different services so you can adjust pricing as needed. See where you are overspending to cut unnecessary costs. New technology like mobile apps, scheduling software, and data analytics tools can help you easily collect and analyze data to guide your decision-making. But you have actually to use the insights to make a difference.

Do not assume that what has worked so far will continue to work. Regular data analysis allows you to identify issues early and make changes to stay ahead of the competition. The pool service industry is constantly evolving, and if you are not analyzing data to keep up with trends, you will be left behind.

Hire staff to help collect and analyze data if needed. Review key metrics at least quarterly, if not monthly. Look for ways to automate data collection through mobile apps and software. And then use the insights to improve your operations, marketing, and service delivery. 

Road Ahead

The next season could be very profitable for your pool service business. Be diligent, focus on delivering amazing service, keep your staff well-trained, stay on top of the latest pool trends and technologies, and ensure you have a solid plan to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. 

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