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From Scheduling to Invoicing: How FSM Software Is Transforming Commercial Landscaping

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Commercial landscaping can be a lucrative business in the US, but its success hinges on fulfilling customer needs, managing workflow efficiently, and maximizing workforce productivity. However, with large projects come significant field service management responsibilities. From estimating to invoicing, manual and outdated tools fall short of meeting these demands.

This is where field service management software comes in, providing a comprehensive solution for integrating lawn care apps, streamlining dispatching, simplifying resource and tools management, and shortening payment cycles with digital payments. In this article, we will see how FSM software is transforming the commercial landscaping industry right from the job creation process to invoicing and payment collection.

How commercial landscaping is different from residential landscaping?

Commercial landscaping is a massive undertaking that requires a different level of field service management compared to residential landscaping. From larger spaces to extensive contracts, commercial landscaping is more complex than its residential counterpart. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

Commercial Landscaping

  1. Covers larger areas
  2. Requires extensive contracts
  3. Involves a larger workforce
  4. Relies on heavy equipment
  5. Includes substantial expenses

Residential Landscaping

  1. Covers smaller areas
  2. May or may not require a contract
  3. Needs only one or two landscapers
  4. Requires less machinery
  5. Maybe comparatively cheaper

With a larger workforce and scope of commercial landscaping, efficient field service management is essential for success. Investing in the right tools or software can help commercial landscaping businesses navigate operational challenges with ease.

Benefits of FSM software in commercial landscaping

However, you cannot purchase any field service management software just like that. You need a solution that can digitize, automate, and optimize your commercial landscaping business while helping you scale. To help you in the hunt for finding the right FSM platform, we have compiled a list of must-have features you need to look for when you shortlist a tool.

An ideal field service management platform will

  1. Streamline your processes and operations
  2. Keep your workflows running smoothly
  3. Increase employee productivity and efficiency
  4. Enhance customer experience and satisfaction
  5. Enable real-time tracking and monitoring
  6. Automate payments and ensure speedy processing
  7. Make estimates and invoices accurate
  8. Take the hassle out of contract management

Key features of FSM software that streamline commercial landscaping operations

In the world of commercial landscaping, scheduling and dispatching can be outright overwhelming without the right tool. Without features like location intelligence, real-time notifications, route optimization, automated invoicing, and flexible payments, commercial landscaping operations tend to be complex, inefficient, and inaccurate.

That is why it is essential to find a flexible and customizable field service management platform like Zuper that comes equipped with these critical features:

Intelligent scheduling and dispatching

Zuper’s scheduling and dispatching software takes over once a job is created. Our assisted scheduling helps you find the right technician for a job, saving you time and effort. Everything from the technician’s skill set to their availability and location proximity is taken into account.

Once assigned, the technician will be routed to the customer service location effectively using the built-in route optimization option. Last-minute cancellations or scheduling overlaps? Reschedule jobs or reassign technicians instantly with a drag-and-drop option.

Recurring job management

With recurring job management, you can easily schedule and automate repetitive maintenance tasks, depending on your needs. Once you set the date, time, and duration, the jobs will continue to repeat until the contract ends, eliminating the need for manual scheduling every time.

Real-time tracking and monitoring

Zuper FSM software benefits not only commercial landscaping business owners but also makes the lives of technicians easy. Empowered with the Zuper Mobile App, technicians can easily perform their tasks without any delays or getting lost. Features like geofencing keep all stakeholders in the loop and informed once a technician crosses the designated perimeter near a customer’s location.

Contracts management and renewals

Retrieve relevant contract details like special discounts, SLA windows, and more right from the work order. Send automated alerts to customers when their contract is about to expire. Make contract renewals a breeze with a customer portal and seamless third-party integrations.

Estimate and invoice templates

Technicians can create estimates and invoices from scratch or instantly using Zuper’s ready-to-use templates. Zuper converts approved estimates into invoices and allows technicians to share them with customers over SMS or email to facilitate payment collection. These templates ensure brand consistency and accuracy while reducing time and effort.

Automated workflow management

Automated workflows help improve the customer and employee experience by keeping the process up and running even without manual intervention. Unique aspects like checklists and mandatory fields ensure that customer signature collection and even image or notes attachment is executed properly and on time without any errors.

Out-of-the-box reporting capabilities

Commercial landscaping businesses can stay on top of their KPIs with Zuper’s out-of-the-box reporting functionalities. With its 50+ ready-to-use, visual-rich reports ranging from employee utilization and route summary to CSAT and job status, commercial landscaping businesses can get a bird’s eye view of their operations.

Online payments and financing

Zuper FSM software facilitates digital payments through its integration with third-party payment processors like Stripe, Square, and more. The Zuper-Wisetack integration allows field service businesses to offer their customers a financing option and convert large invoice values into EMIs.

Integration with third-party tools

Zuper FSM software is integrated with industry-leading third-party tools ranging from CRM like Zoho and Hubspot to help desk software like Zendesk to instant messaging platforms like Twilio.

The success story of TRIM landscaping

Are you unsure if Zuper Field Service Management is right for your commercial landscaping business? Don’t worry, co-founders of TRIM landscaping, Ben Souza and Jacob Krum, faced the same problems and found that Jobber lacked the necessary integrations and customization options.

They switched to Zuper, which solved their problems with its efficient and customizable field service management software that integrates with HubSpot and includes a mobile app for technicians. Zuper helped them with everything from job creation to payment collection and automated emails and SMS messages.


Your FSM purchasing decision can make or break your commercial landscaping business, as not all FSM software is made equal. Zuper is the most customizable and flexible field service management platform available in the market. And several customers, including TRIM landscaping, have switched to Zuper after seeing it in action.

Automated work order management coupled with streamlined scheduling, intelligent dispatching, accurate estimating and invoicing, and hassle-free payment collection can transform commercial landscaping operations. Irrespective of the type of landscaping project, you can deliver an exceptional customer experience effortlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo of Zuper Landscaping Software today and see how effortless your operations can be.

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