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Rethink Business Communication with Twilio Integration

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Twilio is one of the world’s largest customer communication and engagement platforms. It helps businesses communicate with their customers through messaging apps such as SMS and WhatsApp, email, voice, and video, all without worrying about individual channels.

With the Zuper-Twilio integration, you can share ETA alerts, job updates, cost estimates, and invoices with your customers in an effective and convenient manner. This integration allows you to send two types of alerts: system-driven and ad hoc.

A perfect example of a system-driven notification is the ETA alert. Whenever a field service pro marks themselves as “on the way” in a work order, it will trigger a Twilio notification to the customer specifying that their technician is on the way and provide a link to track their location.

An ad hoc notification, on the other hand, can be sent to a single customer or multiple customers as required. If FSM operations are running late on a specific day and it is affecting the entire list of customers, you can select all customers or work orders that will be affected by the delay and send a bulk SMS right from the Zuper interface.

While the first phase of this integration facilitates one-way communication with customers, the second phase is all set to make two-way communication happen. In the second phase, you can respond to customer replies within the Zuper platform.

You can just install the Twilio app from the Zuper app store, enter the Account ID and Auth Token acquired from Twilio, and authorize Zuper to connect with your Twilio account. You can customize the sender ID, templates, etc., to interact with your customer the way you prefer. The Zuper-Twilio integration lets you enjoy the benefits of automation without sacrificing that personal touch.

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