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Give Your Customers Access to All Their Job Details with the New Zuper Customer Portal

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Customer service expectations are rising, but you know that your field service professionals only have so much time available to respond to routine customer questions. Therefore, your business needs to provide customers with the rapid response they crave without crushing your team’s productivity.

So, what is the answer? The new Zuper-charged customer portal.

Provide around-the-clock access to customer requests and job status and empower your customers with the information they want in real-time.

67% of customers prefer to find their answer online instead of speaking with a company representative due to the convenience.

In this article, you will learn how to use Zuper’s customer portal to upgrade your service delivery experience while simultaneously freeing up time for your technicians.

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Deliver Instant Customer Service

Almost half of the customers expect businesses to respond to requests within 4 hours. However, it takes an average of 12 hours for a business to reply—creating a frustrating gap.

Understandably, your field service technicians are busy, so they can only respond so quickly.

With a self-service portal, you guarantee that your customer gets exactly what they need the moment they need it—offering a personalized experience for every customer. If your customer needs support after hours, no problem. They simply log on, find their answer, and return to their day.

Increase Your Workforce Productivity

Customer portals not only keep your customers from waiting, but they also allow your workforce to become more focused and productive. Since your customers can handle simple requests independently, your technicians can focus on increasing first-time fix rates.

When you consider that the average company receives 578 tickets each day, imagine how much more productive your team could be if you could eliminate even a fraction of requests with a customer portal.

Maintain Accurate Account Details

Maintaining accurate customer contact and payment data is a struggle. People move, names change, and credit cards expire. It is a constant cycle.

Fortunately, a customer portal increases the likelihood that your customer will report personal data changes because it is fast and easy.

Using the self-service portal, your customers can update their account settings, including name and contact information, to ensure you always have their most up-to-date information.

Furthermore, returning customers or customers with recurring services can save their preferred payment details to quickly make payments without digging out their credit cards every time.

Review, Approve, or Request Changes to Documents

These portals grant your customers access to current and past estimates and invoices. When it is time for a customer to review a document, they simply log in and have every record at their fingertips.

In the rare instance where something needs to be changed, customers can quickly submit a request. If everything looks perfect from the start, they simply approve and make the required payment.

Customer portals make the payment process hassle-free by allowing your customers the power to make online payments easily even when they are at work.

View Previous or Upcoming Job Data

Zuper’s customer portal displays appointment and job data for all upcoming and past appointments. The upcoming appointment data allows customers to see the appointment time frame, the real-time location of the field service technician, and the estimated arrival time.

Additionally, customers can review the job details for past service information and track their preventative maintenance contracts in a centralized location. Customers can also view warranty data for each asset to schedule maintenance services before the warranty expires.

When your customers can view all upcoming and previous service data, you reduce the number of phone calls and messages your staff needs to field—saving an average of $9 per call and $2.50 per email.

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Portal

Your self-service portal needs to be cohesive with your branding so that it does not confuse or disrupt your customer journey. Fortunately, Zuper lets you add your company branding like logos, to create a customer portal that matches your other assets and does not break the bank.

Protect Your Customer Account with One-Time Passwords

One of the most significant concerns for customers when using a self-service portal is security. Increasingly, hackers can decode customer passwords and break into their accounts. So, you need to assure your customers that their data is safe.

Zuper deploys one-time passwords for each customer login to prevent password-breaking, decreasing the risk of replay and other cyberattacks. So, when you set up a customer portal through Zuper, you can rest at ease knowing that it is protected.

Enhance Your Technician and Customer Experience

Your customers want a portal so they have all their service information at their fingertips—whenever it works for them. By giving your customers what they want, you also boost your service experience and free up their schedule to focus on providing the best possible service to each customer.

Comprehensive self-service portals continue to grow in popularity. Consequently, 60% of businesses plan to add a self-service option in the next 12-18 months. By choosing Zuper for your customer portal, you create a seamless connection with your field service workflows for maximum efficiency.

If you know a customer portal would enhance your experience, it is time to learn how Zuper’s field service management platform can modernize your business. Schedule your demo today.

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