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5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Field Service Delivery

March 1, 2023

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Understanding the importance of field service delivery and its influence on customer loyalty is essential for any business. With customers’ expectations evolving rapidly, it’s a never-ending struggle to stay ahead of their needs. But with great effort can come greater reward!

If businesses find ways to surpass these demands through quality service deliveries, then they’ll have created an irreplaceable experience that captures loyal customers over time – what could be better?

So if you’re looking for advice on how best to create this lasting effect, you need to move past outdated systems. Technological solutions like field service management software can help you match evolving customer expectations and gain customer loyalty without breaking the bank.

A flexible FSM platform like Zuper can remove manual intervention, offer your customers a memorable experience, and help scale your business rapidly. Here are five proven ways in which Zuper can help ensure your success in winning over even your most hard-to-please clients!

1. Bridge communication gaps and streamline communication

Your back-office administrators cannot play phone tag with field technicians and customers all day long. And SMS or email is not any better. However, keeping all internal and external stakeholders in the loop is the key to bridging the communication gap. Zuper’s broadcasting option can help you solve this issue in a jiffy!

The broadcast option allows you to send SMS and emails to everyone involved or selected teams/members/customers. The in-built template shortens the drafting time and keeps the messaging consistent. Zuper streamlines communication with automated alerts that keep everyone on track about ETA, technician schedules, and task completion status.

Skyline Cleaning Services is an emerging cleaning service business in Middleton and Wisconsin. Their work order management process was muddled with inefficiencies. And the increasing labor costs, shortage of skilled labor, lack of technological tools, communication gaps, and redundant back-office tasks made day-to-day operations challenging.

Zuper Field Service Management Software transformed the end-to-end operations of Skyline Cleaning Services, ranging from work order management and scheduling to invoicing and billing. In addition to streamlining field operations, Zuper helped Skyline keep all stakeholders in the loop throughout the service lifecycle.

2. Eliminate scheduling conflicts with intelligent dispatching

To gain a better understanding of scheduling conflicts, we can examine an example and compare how three different field service providers manage their operations using varying tools.

The first company utilized outdated tools for scheduling and when a technician requested a day off and communicated it via email, the dispatcher was unaware and assigned them to a new job. This led to the customer waiting for the technician who never arrived, ultimately leaving a negative impression on the business.

The second company relied on a CRM and spreadsheets for scheduling, but still experienced delays due to a lack of real-time technician location and communication gaps, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

In contrast, the third company is technologically advanced and had a field service management platform in place. So, the right technician was dispatched in a matter of minutes and they made it on time to the service location, fulfilling the service request on time, leaving the customer happy and satisfied.

Al-powered scheduling and dispatching platforms like Zuper can capture unplanned absences, last-minute cancellations, fetch real-time resource availability, and even optimize routes. With Zuper, dispatchers can assign the right technician to the right job at the right time equipped with all the necessary information.

3. Train and empower technicians using customer feedback

To ensure a positive customer experience, your technicians must be held to the highest standard – for it is they who make up and define your business. With our feedback platform, you are given insight into how customers rate their interactions with each technician; from this data, you can identify any shortfalls in service quality and provide training accordingly.

For example: if time management was rated poorly, then perhaps staff need extra guidance on reaching locations promptly; or an issue with payments could indicate that digital payment methods require further instruction. By using feedback as the basis of training plans, you will empower field techs while making sure trust between your company and clients remain intact!

4. Invest in the right technological tools

Investing in technology that makes the customer’s life easy is the ideal way to add value. Zuper FSM software is a great investment as it comes with top-of-the-line features like

  1. Easy access to data
  2. Information security
  3. Real-time updates
  4. Accurate quotes and invoices
  5. Online payments

Zuper is an enterprise-ready field service management software. The two-factor authentication safeguards confidential data and simplifies the service lifecycle. With a self-service portal, your customers are empowered to access, retrieve, and manage any information they need without reaching out to your back-office staff time and again.

Digital quotations and invoices help speed up the payment cycle and offer a uberized experience to your tech-savvy customers. What’s more, they can make partial or full payments digitally and even save their cards on file securely for speedy payment processing. If they miss a deadline, automated alerts will keep them posted to take necessary actions.

5. Monitor and measure your service quality

Our customer management module monitors and records all your customer information accurately. Zuper lets your back-office staff and technicians add, edit, and delete customer details with ease. You can save hours of manual labor, eliminate associated errors, and reduce data redundancy.

Zuper’s customizable dashboard helps administrators and business owners stay on top of their business KPIs and metrics that matter. Our reporting module helps generate visual-rich reports based on a variety of parameters ranging from customer satisfaction to job completion rates and overdue invoices. These actionable insights can help you identify process gaps and take measures to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

Bonus: Deliver a consistent service experience with custom checklists

Consistency is the key to winning customer loyalty, and checklists help service businesses enforce policies and ensure consistency. Customizable checklists are the crown jewel of Zuper. Checklists allow you to make new additions or preferences to a job category. For instance, you can add a checklist item to ensure that your technicians wear a mask throughout the service and fetch the customer’s signature at the end of the process.

Best of all, you don’t need a developer’s help to customize our checklists. Our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop layout helps you create the perfect customizable checklist in a matter of minutes. Here are some data fields that you can use to create checklists from scratch:

  • Single-line input
  • Date input
  • Time input
  • Date-time input
  • Multi-line input
  • Checkbox input
  • Dropdown
  • Radio input
  • Single picture
  • Multiple pictures
  • Barcode
  • Signature
  • Lookup
  • Section header

Your field service quality can make or break your customer relationships

As long as you invest in tools and processes to streamline the customer experience and improve your service delivery, you will attract more customers who will stay loyal to your brand and even spread the word about your service leading to referrals.

In a nutshell, a flexible and customizable field service management platform like Zuper eliminates pointless phone calls, gets rid of scheduling conflicts, helps train and empower technicians, and even monitors and measures your service delivery quality. Interested in learning more about field service trends and tips, subscribe to our newsletter today.

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