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Intelligent Dispatching: Allocate the Right Workforce for Your Jobs Anytime, Anywhere

June 30, 2022

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As a field services leader, the most important job is the one in front of you. Whether they’re repairs, upgrades, or installs, service calls take precedence over everything else. You have a short window to assure your customer about your technician’s visit at the right time, every time.

You need smart automated dispatching that can analyze jobs and schedules to ensure your mobile teams are out on the field doing what they do best as efficiently as possible.

Zuper offers a centralized AI-based intelligent dispatching system that helps you do just that while dodging scheduling disruptions like unplanned absences, cancellations, and no-shows of your resources.

With Zuper, you can ensure your service appointment lifecycle passes through till it reaches its final status— and you’re able to flex your resource between multiple stages.

Dispatching Challenges for a Field Service Business

Businesses that offer field services, such as plumbing, construction, home repair, and maintenance often face a unique set of challenges in dispatching employees on jobs. For example, you may be dealing with:

  • A high volume of jobs to dispatch each day
  • A large pool of employees to assign jobs
  • Employees that are geographically dispersed across a wide area
  • Contractors who work varying schedules (different days/hours)
  • Jobs with varying durations and travel times
  • A need to minimize the wait time between appointments for employees (to maximize their earnings) and minimize travel time to/between homes (to save time and fuel costs)

With so many variables at play, it might be difficult to know the right people to assign to each job.

If the team is working too quickly, they might make mistakes or overlook critical steps in the service process. On the other hand, if they take too long to get the job done (or worse… post those nasty reviews online).

After all, it’s about delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and team efficiency.

Enter Zuper’s AI-Powered Intelligent Dispatching

Zuper’s intelligent dispatching feature is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It can take all of the information mentioned above—job volume, employee locations, schedules, durations, territories, and more—into account to determine the best way to assign jobs.

The result is a more efficient field service team to get the job done quickly and accurately, maximizing customer satisfaction.

Get Visibility of the Full-Service Appointment Life Cycle

A typical service appointment life cycle can include the following stages:

  • Scheduling – This involves creating and assigning service appointments to field technicians based on their availability and location.
  • Dispatching – Once jobs have been assigned, dispatchers will notify field technicians of their upcoming service appointments, including the job details, customer information, and estimated time of arrival (ETA).
  • In-Progress – As field technicians work on jobs, they may encounter unexpected challenges. At this stage, dispatchers can provide support and feedback to help ensure the job is completed successfully.
  • Completed – Once a job is complete, field technicians will submit an invoice or receipt to the customer. This will mark the appointment as completed, and trigger invoicing to begin.

Depending on your business requirements, you may also want to customize the service appointment life cycle to include additional stages such as Canceled, Overdue, No-Show, Automated Invoicing, or Billing Adjustments.

No matter what challenges you face in dispatching field technicians, Zuper’s intelligent dispatching feature can help you optimize your service appointments across all stages to improve customer satisfaction.

Automated Scheduling

Zuper’s intelligent platform automates the field service scheduling process giving you complete visibility and transparency of jobs, resources, and locations. That means you no longer have to waste time manually creating employee schedules—Zuper does it for you.

The best part, it considers each employee’s individual skillset, availability, performance, and schedule preferences. This ensures that not only are they working at the times when they’re most productive, but they’re being assigned to jobs that match their skill levels, certifications, and experience.

Streamline Jobs with the Intelligent Dispatch Board

Zuper’s Dispatch Board consists of a centralized view of all service appointments scheduled for the day.

  • Employee Filter – Assign any job across any date easily through the employee filter option.
  • Resource-wise Details – View resource-wise details on the dispatch board, such as assigned technicians and their available time slots with skill sets.
  • Schedule Synchronization – Synchronize schedules with single drag and drop from your centralized calendar with the Dispatch Board to easily access all relevant information in a single platform.

In addition, Zuper’s AI-powered intelligent dispatching feature tracks Unassigned Jobs, Unscheduled Jobs, and Overdue Jobs. This allows you to identify and resolve any issues that may arise quickly.

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts to the Team

With customizable templates, you can schedule push notifications and real-time mobile alerts for your team to let them know about new job assignments, changes in the schedule, or anything else they need to be aware of.Zuper’s AI-powered dispatching algorithm considers various factors to make the best possible decision about job allocation,

  • The volume of jobs during a given time/day
  • Travel times between locations
  • Availability of qualified service technicians

And it’s not just about knowing where your team is and how many jobs they’re working on at any given time; Zuper also helps you manage the customer experience by providing detailed information about each job.

This includes estimated arrival times, the technician’s current location, and whether they’ve got everything they need to get the job done.

With Zuper’s dispatching software, you can ensure that your field service team is always running smoothly, meeting customer demands, and delivering high-quality results—no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

So why wait? Sign up now to start using our AI-powered intelligent dispatching feature and revolutionize how your field service team operates.

Connect with our support team to get started or schedule a demo today!


Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran
Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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